Shalini’s mother apologizes for the things happened and promises him that it will not be repeated. After a while, Abhay comes back to Shalini’s mother’s house where everybody was waiting for him. Abhay’s father explains Shanthi that she is just concerned about the cost of the saree and is not at all bothered about the love that is hidden behind this saree. Abhay’s mother was feeling sad about yesterday’s incident. When Abhay runs a fake news against Shalini and later realises his mistake, he apologises. He is seen closing his eyes with his hands and uncovers his eyes when Shalini appears before him. But, Abhay asks her to think positively and see the sun as a person who is tired of whole day’s work, and is going to his house for a rest. He then asks her to suggest any alternative place.

Shanthi, taunts that unlike Shalini’s mother’s house they have sufficient milk in their home and asks her to prepare coffee without adding water to the milk. While riding the bike, Abhay goes in speed. Parvathi tells Shalini that they could not afford to gift her a much costly saree than this and apologizes to her. Inside the hotel room, Shalini, who didn’t had any job to do, switches on the TV. Looking at Shalini, Shanthi’s friends tell her that her daughter-in-law looks old and how Abhay did get married to an aged girl. Abhay agrees to her and makes the arrangements to watch movie at home with everybody.

By this, Shanthi feels discomfort and asks Shalini to go inside the house. Meanwhile, Shalini and Abhay reach the hotel room. Abhay consoles her that it is just made of sand on a sea shore, how can it be a zed one.

She ask him not do such a difficult kannadda, but Abhay does not agree with her. Abhay tries to convince Shalini to accept the proposal of the trip, but Shalini looks bit hesitant.

When asked, Abhay’s mother, Shanthi lies to her friends that Shalini is not at home.


Jothe Jotheyalli – Episodes Abhay consoles her and asks her to be happy as she just looks like a 30 year old lady. Meantime, Abhay stumbles upon Ranjit who too was in the temple. Shalini, with the effect of juice starts telling the truth about her life.

Jothe Jotheyalli

Abhay then asks about her imagination of a life partner. Abhay agrees to her and makes the arrangements to watch movie at home with everybody. This irritates Shanthi further. When questioned, Abhay tells that he is here for his honeymoon.

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To cool down Shanthi, Shalini gives the sari to Shanthi. Continuing this, Abhay asks her not to be possessive and consider, Jotheyapi as her daughter.

When he doesn’t reduce the speed, Shalini angrily asks him to stop the bike, gets down and takes an auto. Shalini refuses go to the movie with Abhay. Shalini is from a lower middle class family who works as a school teacher and Abhay is a TV journalistAbhay makes a false news against her and makes her lose her job, zde realizes the mistake and helps her in regaining the job, during this process they become friends and Abhay falls for her simplicity and straight forwardness he falls in love with her Shalini says she has always seen him jtoheyali only a good friend and says she has no special feelings for him.

Will Abhay eventually wins her over with his true love and his everlasting flamboyant attitude? Click here to login. Zee says that her mother had decided to send Shalini to this temple after her marriage.

Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead. He also requests God kkannada make Shalini accept him by the time, they leave that city. She ask him to plan the trip for Kerala’s Ambalpuza and visit a Krishna Temple.


She says, she was a normal girl and didn’t had any big dreams except that she wanted to do a PHD. He comforts her that both wife and mother have their own places in his life and either one will be not be replaced by the other. He then asks Shalini that, if he comes back will she leave Abhay for him.

Later when Shalini and Abhay leave to Abhay’s home where Shanthi finds the Saree that Shalini’s parents had gifted her to be disgusting, she starts insulted them. Abhay consoles her by saying that, he loves her smile and her happiness and to make it last forever, he can remain as a kid forever but he only wants her hand with him.

And even some times, he looks as a small kid. Abhay agrees to her and tells her the, he wants stay close to her like this. But, at the same time, Shalini comes there with the juices for them. By hearing this Shanthi gets annoyed, and blames Shalini that she should not have come outside till her friend’s are around, and this humiliated her in front of them.

Shalini asks him to light some camphor for the God, but he insists that he will do a rolling namaskara around the temple premises. Will Abhay give up or continue in his efforts to win her love?

Looking at Shalini, Shanthi’s friends tell her that her daughter-in-law looks old and how Abhay did get married to an aged girl. Shanthi blames her that she finally managed to plan the trip that she wanted.