Shellfire VPN is known for its ability to give quick access to blocked content worldwide, regardless of your location. Therefore if you are connected to a VPN that is based in China, then you can access nearly every site that originates in China, including of course Youku. This leads to various turns in the plot. While you can explore Youku via all internet browsers, using google chrome to access the website comes with added benefits. Watching Youku from outside of China is a simple matter of deciding which manner of accessing the service suits you best; as described above each way of doing so is pretty easy. Just enter this address in the box and click on the launch button. Is there anyway one can unblock Youku outside mainland China?

He joins hands with Machiraju Sayaji Shinde. Your IP address is part of the information that is usually sent. Instead, the following block screen will appear on your screen. If you want to watch Youku a lot, and you are outside China more often than not, then it may be more satisfying for you not to say reliable to use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short. Confirm that you do and the extension will install. Just enter this address in the box and click on the launch button.

Choose a VPN provider and subscribe to it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The wrong girl is none another than Deepthi Shriyawho is the sister of Machiraju. The caveat was the 7-minute segments downloads arrived in.

Free Cloud Storage in If you visit www. When you access any website, several pieces of information are often sent. Cloudwards has rated over 30 VPN services. Your IP address is part of the information that is usually sent.


He grows up with just one passion – that of becoming the World’s No: Instead, you will wach the following screen:. This extension is very easy to use.

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There’s no doubt about it, Youku is one of the most popular video websites in China. VPNs can be used to protect your internet browsing identity as well as hide your location, which is what you need to explore geo-restricted mirapakkaya like Youku. How to Trace an IP Address in He joins hands with Machiraju Sayaji Shinde.

The best, most reliable and flexible method that you can employ with other streaming sites is a VPN.

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Youku is a Chinese video hosting website best known for its globally renowned TV shows and full-length movies. Let us know in the comments below which method has your preference or if you have figured out something we missed. If you use any of the three tips given above, then you can still enjoy all the movies and TV shows you want courtesy of Youku, wherever you may be in the world. However, watching this content is not so straightforward because access to Youku is restricted and will deny you if you log in from anywhere outside of the Middle Kingdom.

You may have to hunt around for a decent proxy to use for Youku, as some will be better than others, depending upon the number of people using them at the time. The beauty of a VPN is that is doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the site you are connected to takes the ip address of the VPN as your address, and not that of your own computer.


Showing posts with label ravi teja. We always recommend that people use a VPN to secure their Internet connection or risk being spied on or become a victim of cybercriminals.

How to watch Youku anywhere outside China

Download Now Download Now. If you attempt to access Youku when outside Mainland China, you will not be able to view any of the movies or TV Shows available via the site. Proxies act as intermediaries between two connecting devices. There mirxpakaya one problem though — you can only access Youku if your ip address the string of four numbers that identifies your computer shows that you are in Mainland China.

How to Download Youku videos. Otherwise try reinstalling the add-on or extension again. Related Articles Tudou Downloader: Before data reaches its intended destination, it will first go through proxy servers.

The easiest way to use a proxy is by using an online proxy site. How to bypass country based restrictions in Your email address will not be published.