Kangli struggles to juggle her career with her responsibilities as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law. Friends may be many but buddies are few. Yu Fan’s reputation takes a beating after reporters reveal what he did to Xiaoqi. However, he gets kidnapped by the mafia and most likely is killed. Who doesn’t fight and struggle between work and family? Her only source of comfort is her elderly mother-in-law who is apologetic over her son’s behavior.

Gao Jian is under pressure to break off with Fei Er and marry a rich man’s daughter. Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode At this juncture, Xiao Lixia Rebecca Lim , enters his life. Xinmsn the dream makers episode Despite my love for The Dream Makers, there are alot things that I don’t like about it. Weiyun lives with her demented mother, and younger brother’s family. Views Read Edit View history. A stroke of luck lands Tonglin a spot on TV which is widely received by viewers and she even gains an acting role.

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Add this movie to your queue to receive more information about The Dream Makers and we will let you know when it becomes available. Extreme Cake Makers Series Premiere. Singapore Chinese dramas Singaporean television series debuts Channel 8 Singapore shows.

A string of scandalous news causes her popularity to go downhill.

She supports him in many ways after finding out about his problematic relationship. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The goggle box that is called a television set telecasts gripping drama serials on a daily basis. It is at this time that Weiyun’s good friend and partner, Yu Fan Chen Hanweienters into her world. She finally confesses to Yu Fan that she is willing to give up everything to lead an ordinary life.

Kangli and Weiyun, who have been hardened by their life experiences, advises Jason not to follow in their footsteps of losing himself.


This is a episode drama. Instead, Jianguo wants a divorce so that he can be with his lover. Finally, she rises to become a first-tier actress, thanks to Kangli’s recognition of her talent. The Dream Makers is not available now. For the sake of her son, she chooses to accept the repentant Jianguo. Their relationship takes an unexpected zinmsn because of makere views.

Who doesn’t fight and struggle between work and family? The Dream Makers simplified Chinese: I felt that the whole drama is good xinmns that the final episode got a little bit anyhow. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Yao Jianguo Guo LiangKangli’s husband, is a well-known plastic surgeon who often cheats on her.

It pains Jason to see Fei Er fighting hard to gain fame and fortune. Tonglin is perfectly aware that Jason has never stopped loving Fei Er.

I on Singapore: Zoe Tay Chooses Life in Channel 8’s The Dream Makers (志在四方)

Weiyun lives with her demented mother, and younger brother’s family. Fei Er loses hope in herself and turns malicious. Xinmzn you wish to view your Favorite Channels from anywhere epispde the site, click on the My Favorites link.

He showers her with a number of advertising contracts to endorse products, sponsors her programmes, chauffeurs her around in a luxury car, provides a listening ear to her and stands up for her secretly.

As she gradually realizes that hard work is not enough to get one far in showbiz, Fei Er learns to curry favour to establish relationships and leans on Gao Jian as her backer.

Unfortunately, the fear of being trapped in the web of love again makes them determined to suppress their love for each other. This is makerrs big blow to Jason and he sinks into misery.


Tonglin’s tender loving care of him finally makes Zhanpeng see that his girlfriend’s heart is with Jason. For more episodes, please click here. They have a six-year-old autistic son Naonao. Weiyun faces tremendous pressure and is threatened by her subordinate. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes. Thereafter, Yu Fan fears entering into another relationship out of remorse. To save face, Kangli hides his condition from everyone and bears the brunt of Naonao’s unpredictable behavior by herself.

This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat This article needs additional citations for verification. Fei Er starts to change after her new-found fame.

The Dream Makers Episode 14

Do not miss this episode!. Television in Singapore began on 15 February The Gao family cannot accept Fei Er. Zip Code 0 of 11 max characters.

The family is reunited, and she settles down to being a contented housewife devoted to her husband, mother-in-law and son. Tonglin is finally together with Jason. At this time, Fang Tonglin Rui Enproducer of Variety Unit, falls in love with Jason at first sight, the reason being that he looks uncannily like her late faithful father. Views Read Edit View history. The Dream Makers Chinese: The seemingly splendid life everybody leads in fact hides a life of loneliness.

Xinmsn the dream makers episode 14

Four Stories; Charles Platt: Tonglin and Jason hit it off real well. The show aired at 9pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8am the following day. Zhiming’s job takes him to different countries all the time, leaving them little time together.