One day, she founds out that all her excuses will be true because of a magical bracelet. As she continues to deceive herself with her undeserved grades, Sarah takes cheating on a different level when she was given a magic ballpen that can answer test questions on its own. Member feedback about Komiks TV series: Kid Sine – the channel’ A boy from outer and inner beauty space is left and right behind on earth and on outer and inner space. His younger brother is Rudolf Venedictos Garcia Fernandez.

How will she eat again? But after using the scarf, she became selfish and self-centered causing the magic scarf to lose its powers. List of programs broadcast by Yey! Jairo later turns up looking like Raven. Prinsipe Patrick Patrick Garcia Prince Patrick steals a magical potion from his wizard, but falls into a portal that transp I love how honest and spontaneous they are during interviews. Diego becomes the superhero “Kung Fu Chinito” due to a yin-yang medallion that gives him powers. She met a photographer that fell in love with her, not knowing that she turns into a frog.

She was 10 years old when her father decided that they should leave Germany and live in the Philippines. Member feedback about List of longest-running Philippine television series: In order to follow all, she received a green ring, which makes her two, or three. Because of belittling his own mother, Topher’s mommy magically transforms into a ridiculously human robot who treats her responsibilities to her children like a regular job.

Mike wanted to cut the mysterious tree in his house, but an old man warns him that he should never cut the tree.

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A true love’s kiss could break the curse by saying “I love you” to each other. Horje the scientist who created the giant octopus had to get rid of the giant octopus because he thought that the giant octopus had turned into a barricade against his plan, which qpp to sell the magical pearl to foreigners for a hundred million pesos.


Until one day, she meets two playful dwarves who will make her drain out her own energy.

Because of his dirty and harmful hands, Kokoy’s family and friends are infuriated and move away from him. Jasmin is an orphan who got separated from her sister Daisy after their parents Dahlia and Oscar died in an accident. On May 8,the show was re-aired on weekday mornings until Unknown to her, her guardian angel Kiko has been right beside her all along to help her achieve her goals.

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Assumera mode on lang talaga ako that time, he was super caught off guard kasi at feelin ko he was going to say something we haven’t heard before haha sayang. Philippine legal television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Revenge in television Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Courtroom drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Worldclass talaga ang GMA! Im not very ambitious but wansa’s quality is really not great.

Jao helped them reunite with his abilities.

Paul John and Mimi Bianca are childhood sweethearts who promised to love each other no matter what. She is currently enrolled at the University of the Philippines Open University taking up her bachelor’s degree in multimedia studies.

Member feedback about Xian Lim: Nicole reveals someone with magical red gloves who is greedy. When Quennie decided to adopt three kids for the kid-friendly image of her business, a pair of magical gloves becomes attached to Queenie’s hands and forces winsaponatime to give away everything she has. Krystal is a young girl who belongs to a family of witches.

The paintbrushes run out every week. As Maya continues to take food for granted, a dwarf will cast a spell on her that will seal her mouth shut.


But soon, Bechay’s noisy rival told the host about Bechay’s magic shoes. Will Melody finally learn to erase the bitterness in her heart and forgive others when she discovers that the cost her new life is the loss of wonsaopnatime of her loved ones? A special Christmas episode that will teach the whole family the value of giving. Lena accepted it and she asked that she only wants to be Leny to know how they love her.

One day, she founds out that all her excuses will be true because of a magical bracelet. wonsaponatome

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Will Caloy finally learn to give importance to Lola Fenny when he discovers the secret behind her mission to complete the ‘nine mornings’ of Christmas?

Paano maging world class ang mga ito e hindi nga kilala sa sariling bayan. He placed fourth on season 7 of the Philippine reality television show, Pinoy Big Brother. This is where the gap between Jenny and her parents begins to develop.

Will she finally get the attention and love that she has been looking for with his help? Eventually, Patty becomes flat, and realized that she needs to start listening to her mother.

However, Raven disappears one night and the next morning patches of wood start appearing on his body. Wansapanataym Logo used since