The prince cajoles Kin-chan’s father to give up the exercise. It is not a real egg but a fake which one of the Oni Child Trio’s changed shape. He talks to Ojarumaru about the sacred dogs made of stone. Series 8—18 This list has been split for improved performance. The Hoshino Family, the alien invaders come back. Marie hears weird sound in her house and calls Tommy for help.

The Hoshino Family, the alien invaders come back. Ojarumaru tries hard to make Mr. Scoop comes to hunt Tsukkii for his big news. Tagging along with Kazuma, Ojarumaru becomes a good friend with Komachi. He gets their hot kisses times, the same number of their ages. They force landed in Tommy’s garden because of rain. Denbo meets a girl worm of a butterfly.

Kin-chan’s dad wishes secretly that Kin-chan says, “I want to be like dad. Ojarumaru leans the flavor of dried food from Mr. The sparrow named Chuntarou, is a member of traveling acrobat party. A young guy is calling customers with loud voice at a fish shop.

The manager changed its looks and name for a new season. It is an old doll named Tsukkii coming down from generation to generation at Kin-chan’s family.

To keep anything in the closet is not only Kazuma’s habit but his parents have the same habit. Kazuma gets angry and Ojarumaru goes out looking for stickers.

The prince is so tiny and is absolutely impossible to ballet. List of Ojarumaru episodes. He is shocked as he does not remember his parents’ face! The prince wants to ask the electricity to episides up his parent’s mansion in the Heian era.

Archived from the original on February 15, The prince finds pudding inside and hide it ojaeumaru his cap. Then, the Oni Child Trio come back to retrieve the scepter.


Suddenly, it begins to thunder and a scared Kisuke accidentally lets go of the scepter, which allows Ojarumaru to gain possession of it again. Episodees sends the Mechanical Ojaru Doll to Kazuma’s house, and Ojarumaru and the doll make friends with each other. Ken moved into an apartment behind Marie’s mansion. Eventually, Marie is episodess. Only Kazuma is not excited as he has been collecting stones for a long time. While having pudding in front of the apartment, Ojarumaru sees a snail feeling bad on a leaf.

The prince gathers an instant popularity of the class. At the present time, Ojarumaru befriends a boy named Kazuma Tamura and lives with his family, thanks to his grandfather Tommy. Suddenly, the scepter emits fire and the prince watchh Denbo.

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Mike the Coffee Mask can not carry his role as “a mask man” and asks Ojarumaru to succeed it. Fluttered, he curves many stones.

Ojarumaru is excited, but disappointed a moment later as he thinks it moves automatically.

List of Ojarumaru episodes series 2. On episodex sunny day, Ojarumaru, Kazuma, Tommy, Kin-chan, and Komachi are enjoying semi-camping in the yard. The Oni Child Trio run away. He is exhausted and takes a nap. She always starts the bell on anything. He is touched by her naivete and falls in love with her. Upon arriving, he steals Great King Enma’s powerful scepter, which he uses in order to judge the dead.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is glad to play with them, one with a laughing face, the second one with a crying face and the last one with an angry face. Kazuma, Ojarumaru, Denbo and Kin-chan go into Kin-chan’s yard and lose their way.


He thinks it is moxa and lights it for moxabustion. It is the world of another dimension.

The town blacks out in the evening, but Denbo brings his family to light up the tree. Ojarumaru gets more popular with a crowd, so Oshino challenges him, but gets beaten. They run into Watcb and he tells them he ate Denbo’s rice balls. While he dodges them, the shrine is damaged.

Retrieved March 29, The dogs make almost touching efforts to please the prince. The God of Fortune comes to the Mangan Shrine and turns the shrine shiny, but she turns out to be lazy eipsodes stingy, and has no taste, so Okorinbou kicks her out.

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Marie loved Tommy so much, but she lied to him as she wanted Sally to marry him. Moonlight Herb is healthy food. But to do so, they have to challenge rock-climbing.

Then, the Oni Child Trio charge on to Ojarumaru. They also collect stuff and try to attack e;isodes. On his way back home, the prince sees Kinchan taking a foreigner to the police box. The series follows the adventures of a 5-year-old Heian era prince named Ojarumaru Sakanoue who accidentally time-warps to modern day Japan and befriends a 7-year-old boy named Kazuma Tamura.

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