Seriously, after On call I , I already kinda get tired of Kenneth-tavia paring that everybody seems to praise non stop. It turns out many people in HK have this issue. Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color: When it was announced “Yue Jai” Tavia Yeung’s tumor came back and she had to abort her baby, the heartbreaking news left the audience in tears! Tavia frankly expressed she feels very honored and if there is a chance, she hopes to collaborate with Nancy, even if its low pay, she won’t mind. Everyone thinks that I look as though I am in my early 30s The plot is starting to explain the relationships of the new characters. Its easy to see how a person is when filming.

No, he has anxiety sometimes too. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. When doctors are the patient’s family member, how do they feel? Can meet the parents? I also have confidence. Another Netizen spotted in Him Law’s surgery scene, the screen showed a pre-recorded video of the surgery, but the Windows Media Player bar was visible. But my bed scenes with her were all just talking on the bed, so disappointed!

Secondly, why would you need 3 doctors to visit a patient? Him Him expressed he sees it as a driving force in his work. I want a happy ending! He was later forced to change professions and it wasn’t until then he realized he loves acting the most.


In the On Call 2 trailer, it was seen the majority of the main leads and their families are sick or have some incurable disease. Don’t have to say it, my mom loves him.

I’m afraid it won’t! The news is just what the report said, I never said anything.

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I really love Che Che and Onion moments. Men may just go speak their minds, but women would think, don’t cause too much trouble.


Whether an artist becomes popular, it really does depend on their fate. I won’t limit myself. Ben ultimately decided to participate in Mr. In the beginning, Yue Jai had to get an abortion because of her tumor. Posted December 11, When hi;pocratic whether he had great expectations for the ratings, he said, “Would not be very great because there are too many factors that affect ratings.

Sounds like a girlfriend! Earlier when I collaborated with mentor Ram Chiang, we chat as if we’re two students exchanging a book.

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I worked there for 3 months, and finally realized what I liked best was acting because this hipppocratic brought me a sense of satisfaction. Posted November 5, Saw that the other nominees did not attend, so thought that it should not be so embarrassing such that I went but not receiving an award You cried, then that means you were touched.

If I’m fortunate to have her as my wife, then I’m absolutely the lucky one. It was just me who was the happy one, and the message here is even if everyone is unhappy, you can still find some positive energy. Now, people’s work hours are long But my bed scenes with her were all just talking on the bed, so disappointed! Is Him the best boyfriend? Tavia frankly expressed she feels very honored and if there is a chance, she hopes to collaborate with Nancy, even if its low pay, she won’t mind.

TVB produced so many classics, the overseas audience enjoy their series too. The fan gave Tavia a DIY Christmas card, but the fan started tearing up emotionally, which frightened Tavia so much she said: I don’t have any romantic storyline.


Later, Kenneth gets into a severe car accident, where he had to get surgery on both his head and heart, Tavia and Lawrence join hands and help him get that surgery done This is my second time working with Heung Heung, she improved a lot. Actually, I have a lot more implicit scenes in the sequel and it epixode great challenge to me. I have my stubborn side too. The competition is fierce. Kenneth misunderstood that he’s a cold-hearted person.

Kenneth usually gets skin care treatments and massages to maintain the quality of his skin Maybe I have to watch more eps first. Oriental Daily Translated by: By sugarplumOctober 12, in Hong Kong. Nancy vrush in a school girl fan to meet her drush Tavia and take pictures. What about boyfriend Him Law? All I know is that this sequel is pretty popular rite now in Hong Kong and because it is a high budgeted production as one of the TVB anniversary series.

Like that scene when one of the doctors was trying to revive a patient with a defibrillator but the patient’s bed was up to the doctors knees and she’s awkwardly bending over. I don’t think I could have done that before. Hello, this is suddenly so i want to say sorry firstDoes anyone know the song when Mandy use as background when she dance after break up with Hoppocratic in ep 21?

Lawrence, Kenneth and Tavia’s interaction was wonderful, the feeling was very comforting. I really like it. He expressed that he portrays a doctor in the series. I’m a big guy, I’m afraid I’ll cover her fans.

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