Video was deactivated by our moderator. Thanks for the post. Haha are you psychic?? Lol at Rafia not giving advice about inlaws…I thought same thing!! I think everyone said great things about this wonderful episode. I still think Sidra is wonderful.. But other then that I think she is great. I seldom like drama heros current ones in romantic scenes.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Aunty Ghazala too seems to be ready and willing to stir the pot. Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai. But in that situation, I think a husband should recognize that and really step up and treat his wife with a gift, a vacation, a token occasionally to show his appreciation. Another thought I had is Asmara might pay Kashaf a visit and she might tell Zaroon who is forced to explain what happened. We were taught to cook and sew, and take care of our homes.

Rehmat, thanks so much!! Loved that whole scene!! In the beginning at the beach when he says jahan suraj paani se milti hain. BSK, I too think that Zaroon will completely give it to his mother for thinking that Kashaf gives the money given by him to her family….

And they both are so similar in that aspect because thats exactly what Zaroon wants too. She never thought it would happen to her.

Kaash woh ut jata us waqt!

There is scene in the OST where right after the ring scene he looks really distraught sitting on the bed. So true… It brings more reality in scenes: She is so cute. Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par. There are eatch few scenes where the background music is nice.

Hi Ash, I saw the thread but I was wary of spoilers so didnt open it. Retrieved September 19, For me too the stand out scene in the episode was where Zaroon gave Kashaf the money it was done in a touching manner. Are you sure you want to perform this action?


I think the tears just started flowing — I hope she has more vulnerable moments like that. His gazing at her in amazement. Suno, ab your comment is inspiring me to do a [not] review for the next episode?

My other favorite scene, is where she admits to herself that there isnt anything she doesnt like about zaroon…wow! I dk why Zaroon admires her soo much… are they tryna show ke how hard working a middle class woman is and the rich get it easy so we viewers should be impressed?

She removes her hand from his but in the next moment she lays down next to him and is staring at kqsak sleeping and then places her own hand on his. Can someone pl give me a reason.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 20 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

What does mutasir or whatever word he says there mean? He wants to take her back just as she is cold and flawed. He and SS look great together. Such a contrast to Kashaf. Finally a crack in the hard exterior.

And i am sure he has chanay chaat wala dost he can suggest to Nigaar aunty for her other unfaced daughter! Totally agree with you about Zaroon! The outfit Sara wore when she visited him in Islamabad was gorgeous and Kashaf would look really nice it that silhouette, especially since she is so slender. I felt todays episode was more complete than last week.

Ek Kasak Reh Gai Ep 20 HQ 3

If not you should and read the comments as well … kitna anticipation tha aur hum ne kiya kiya socha tha Kawak. I like ziada gi gulzar sereal Like Like. Masha Allah totally mind blowing in Talkhiyan as well.

He was wreaking havoc on me It is perfectly set up for problems to start, as she has no intention of doing ,asak even though she does love him. Are you talking SS as a person not comfortable with romance as part of the job? It seems like something she would have said when breaking up. Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si.


Afia, you are not alone. Notify me fk new comments via email. BSK, I think we are on the same wavelenght: Very mature and well expressed review!

Ek Kasak Reh Gayee By Geo TV Episode 20

Now she has to make do with one chaddar and char-devaari. I seldom like drama heros current ones in romantic scenes. Interesting about Zaroon bending, remember he said a guy should uttao his wifes nakhre too and that he uttaos so much of hers lol. Main Bushra premieres on 29 June, “.

Zaroon Aur kashaf ka kya kasoor ki murtaza saab hero bana ta…they have rocked their scenes from the beginning and that is why we are still watching… Yes it could have been a masterpiece but its not…however their acting alone has made me epksode for them and I am for sure rooting for them!!

Probably, she wxtch with the intention of staying with her mom before leaving for work, but since we get to see the edited versions, we are supposed to make out the connectivity ourselves.

Thankful to Zindagi for bringing countries closer”. I am not going to say much on Rafia, seriously, she is just plain annoying with all OTT sermons….