Afterward she was dismissed by Kumarasammy TV9 Chairmen and she joined with new channel. They do not accept money in exchange for their produce of chiefly honey and fruits; they are ready to barter them. Till night 12 i downloaded. This dialog will appear http: The box containing the lingams is lost in the van Vaithiyar was driving, and finds its way to Chennai. Thank you so much sridhar sir. One by one, four people are killed inside the temple, including a police inspector who is there to investigate the mystery. MSB Sir Links are working fine

Imagi-nations and borderless television: The lady doctor who identify the murder which was done by Varma Kalai and she informed Anwar about it. Finally Anwer found the culprit, why he murder the people, culprits’ scope and reveals the Aandevar vanams’ Mysteries to charu too. While the first part revolved around the events of the Anaimudi Alampriyar household as seen through the eyes of the young Rajendran played by Master Lokesh , the second part was mainly concerned with the customs, beliefs and traditions of the village and events unfolding in the Anaimudi Alampriyar household as seen through the eyes of the sceptical medical student Reena Devadarshini and her superstitious mentor Mohan V. Can you please post a screenshot of your Torrent like I’ve posted? Simultaneously, the story of the Anaimudi Naicker’s mother, the evil moneylender Pechi who indulges in usury is told in flashback through the eyes of Naicker’s son and Ratna’s older brother, the extremely soft and timid Rajendran who is obsessed with legends of Karuppu Sami. Step 7 – Once you double click the torrent file, a tab will open.

I’ve not used Broadband at all. Dear sir, can you please upload ragasyam serial of marmadesam in mediafire if you have sir. Step 5 – Now go to the downloaded folder where the torrent has been saved. November 27, at P Ponnampalam have some illegal business connecting regarding with the Information City. Initially the speed may be slow but it will gain speed as you download.


It is a crime story based on the Varma kalaiwhich is using to kill the people. YOu have to cut the links seeial paste on the browser Tamil-language television soap operas Raj TV television series Sun TV television series Tamil Nadu drama television series Tamil mystery television series Tamil thriller television series Tamil suspense television series Tamil-language television series debuts Tamil-language television series endings Tamil-language television programs.

This spine-chilling series takes you into the world of myths seroal spiritual beliefs. Prasad PrithvirajDr. Eventually, they witness some mysterious and gruesome deaths.

Programs broadcast by Raj TV. He finds out that the two men enter the temple with trained dogs searching for Navabhashana lingams, of which, he learns, they have six already and are trying to locate the remaining three. Marma Desam is a nail-biting eduhvum thriller, makes the audience sit on the edge of the chair. The plot opens with a small fictional village named Chitharpatti, where a temple of Chitheswarar also pronounced as Sitheshwarar attracts a large number of devotees thanks to its legend as well as its purported power to heal any known or unknown disease.

Can u upload all the episodes. Mani finds out nadakkum these dogs were the ones that killed the four, and seria was just the work of thugs and not God, as the villagers believe.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This belief attracts a number of rationalists to the temple, who want to try and solve the mystery. However, on the way, the accomplice is killed by a truck, which also chases Vaithiyar, but only manages to send him into a coma. Thank you very much sir for your prompt reply.

S trying to calm down the kumarasammy and he saying that he will not kill the kumarasammys’ daughter. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

It covers 5 episodes. Dear sridhar bhat sir, It would be great if can upload the Marmadesam – Ragasiyam The first season before Vidathu Karuppu.

MARMADESAM –Famous Tamil Serial [Archive] – Geetham Entertainment

Each episode was made of two parts—the first ten minutes of each minute episode was set in the year ; the second onlinw of each episode was set in and related to the events shown in the first part. I need efhuvum episodes from The nadakkum named as ‘Marmadesam’ is the first part Ragasiyam. To achieve this, he makes everyone believe he is retarded, and lands up in Oomaisaamy’s ashram. Step 6 – Double click the torrent file. My email” priya1ji yahoo. It will be ‘0’ by default, set it to 3.


The culprit also using the Boomerang to kill the people and it will knock the varma point of the human body to kill the people. Ad-breaks are after 25 minutes. Sridhar Sir, Please let me know the total size of these 40 files as I have to make a plan to accommodate this with in my hard disk. Leave the torrent in download mode for a night and see what happens. The story examines the psychological underpinnings of the concept edyuvum split personalities even while exploring in detail the rural cult of Karuppu Sami prevalent in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.

Part 1 – http: The plot does not continue.

Also after brief search, I figured out that the second story in the series Vidathu Karuppu is available in YouTube. Unknowingly the TV reporter revel the Shadow war between the S. They have acquired rights from nada,kum makers of Marma Desam and have now made them available online.

Guhan Tamil TV Serial Episode – 35

Check this link if you are interested in Tamil Dramas http: S and Kumarasammy and Aandavar vanam. February 5, at 9: The file will start to download.

Sorry sir, it is near impossible for me to upload 10 GB.