Well, he reincarnates the moment he dies, and he has access to all his past lives. I didn’t think it was meant that way. It’s more stories that would naturally be important to the Gaang. What do I think of Ursa’s relationship with Azula when she was still around? And unfortunately, the yr-old is the only one who stood a shot. If it did create the Avatar spirit and there’s no canonical evidence of that , and that’s its motivation… why not intervene during Roku’s lifetime, before the war actually started? I adore that it featured an entire animated cast of people of color.

So often shows go to one extreme or the other — either just having it as a given that the bad guys deserve to die and no-one blinking an eye at it, or having the good guys being really sanctimonious and preachy about how taking life is always wrong and there is no excuse. Aang refuses to believe this is the only choice he has before him. The Last Airbender will always stick with me as the first show that made me feel like a fan. They wrote Aang into a corner with his moral dilemma over killing what equates to Avatar Hitler yeah screw Godwin’s Law. Now, this is by no means a rare occurrence in and of itself. There are a few quotes that I want to use that nevertheless contain variations of the word ‘crazy’.

Nor does she take down feminine women or masculine ones in important moments. Oh a higher note, I fucking loved the Zuko and Iroh s03e6 as well as the preceding moment with Katara reassuring Zuko beforehand. I see what you’re saying.

The training style they use with Azula sure does feed her perfectionism and insecurities. He’s face was with a severely difficult choice.

The sonic scream portrayed by the Ember Island Players is a true Toph Bei-Fong technique; she just never uses it because if she did the world would explode. Context people, words and idioms may have other interpretation and undertones, but without context, all of that is meaningless. Yes, why would I be expecting any one different?


I’ve done a little scribbling about Yugoda, and I may yet end up with a series of Women of the White Lotus stories.

I’ll never stop saying it. It’s subtle but there.

Avatar The Last Airbender – S03E16 – The Southern Raiders

The thing is…as we see Iroh and the rest of the Order of the White Lotus begin to make a wagch headway in Ba Sing Se, the other two fights have also started and I get the absolute worst feeling in my stomach: And… here’s were I take issue with the show. She is partly so wired because she’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She saw what happens when you aren’t perfect — you get banished and humiliated.

If this is a creature that predates the Avatar, why is it at all interested in human affairs? Thanks for understanding Aang. So these are just a few of the scenes that have remained with me through the course of the series.

This is a story about hope, bravery, and the fight against oppressive, violent powers who aim to homogenize the world around them. Considering how wonderful everything else in the finale is, I just thing that they could have done better with this one thing. And don’t get me started on the whole “Lily avayar an over-sensitive golddigger and did Snape wrong” BS. It feels like too much of a continuity lock-out for viewers who haven’t seen the original show, and, taking place as it does 75 years in the future, abatar no good way for Korra to get involved without it becoming a pseudo-AtLA episode.

Avatar Yangchen does tell Aang that he won’t remember it, so it doesn’t conflict with the fact that he didn’t know Kuruk and Yangchen before talking to them atop the Lion Turtle. And I’m glad Mai and Zuko can be happy, at last.


Avatar The Last Airbender S03E16 – The Southern Raiders – video dailymotion

Ozai is an unredeemable monster to me more than ever avztar seeing that scene. Actually, Aang stuck to his morals much more than the Doctor, who’s often a real hypocrite — I mean, this is the man who won’t handle a gun, but doesn’t have any qualms about destroying entire races the Daleks, the Racnoss….

That was always my thought. Men, women, minorities, nobility who “bought their way in” from a lower class. Maybe he met the spirit of tea there. Zhao, Admiral Chan only mentioned briefly and the leader of the Southern Raiders.

Well, there’s the leader of the Zhang tribe in The Great Divide—not a terribly pleasant person, but she seems to be competent enough, s0e316 her own people respect her. We can still admire the show for showing female friendships, diverse women, etc.

Do you need to talk to Sokka too? There is more than one scene in here that never fails to move me to tears, and wagch agni kai with just the music and the orange and blue fire is nothing short of stunningly beautiful.

And the main cast, especially with Mai and Ty-Lee included, is actually skewed towards more females, and none of them are stereotypical. I’m not trying to imply it’s the power that caused her breakdown, just the fact that it’s the ONLY instance of a woman in a political position of power. I never did, honestly — from the beginning she was an awesome villain that I had the “love to hate” feeling towards.