TV by the Numbers. Sheldon provides a counter-proposal, offering to celebrate “Leonard’s Day” once a year, where Leonard’s achievements would be acknowledged. Later Sheldon has a nightmare where his Spock action figure chastises him for switching the two transporters. He decides to talk to Bernadette’s father to postpone the wedding. He begins to reconsider his relationship with Bernadette and mulls calling off the wedding. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

While Lily and Stefan were able to reconcile and find peace in their relationship, the same was sadly not true of Damon. Howard is hired to maintain Stephen Hawking’s motorized wheelchair while he is guest-lecturing at Caltech. Archived from the original on April 10, Leonard meets an attractive female comic book enthusiast named Alice at the comic book store and immediately gets attracted to her. The episode ends with Penny preparing for her date. Later Penny confronts both Sheldon and Howard at the Cheesecake Factory bar for their behavior towards their girlfriends.

Amy decides to take Leonard instead of Sheldon as her date to a wedding for two scientists from the primatology department dizries Sheldon behaves like a child during weddings. She enjoys obsessing over films and pop music – in addition to tv shows, of course! But later that night, they again have sex.

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Raj too contemplates marrying her, despite the fact that he is never going to have sex with her, and rebuffs Howard’s advice to find some other girl.

Archived from the original on July 13, It soon turns out that Lakshmi is a lesbian and accepted to meet Raj as it is difficult to come out in Indian culturebut nevertheless decides to marry him as she thinks he is gay.

He begins to reconsider his relationship with Temoprada and mulls calling off the wedding. Archived from the original on November 13, Penny consoles Amy by lying that she removed the painting from the wall because Bernadette was jealous that she was not in the painting.


Retrieved from ” https: Unfortunately, they do not get married that day as there are too many other couples in front of them.

Retrieved January 13, Suddenly forced to take his vacation time, Sheldon decides to go to work with Amy in her biology lab. Leonard surprisingly takes Sheldon’s advice and goes to Alice’s apartment.

Howard is hired to maintain Stephen Hawking’s motorized wheelchair while he is guest-lecturing at Caltech.

Feature List Below is a full list of all the features, special articles and other key links. Amy becomes extremely upset when Penny and Bernadette go shopping for bridesmaid dresses without her and cuts all contact with everyone, including Sheldon.

Raj finds himself in hot water with Leonard vsmpire his night with Penny and also with Howard after he discovers Raj’s fantasies about Bernadette. Later Raj has a nightmare in which he finally meets Siri, who is a beautiful woman, but cannot talk to her due to his selective mutism. This page was last edited on 27 Januaryat This step further into their relationship makes him uncomfortable, so the following morning, he demands Leonard and Howard to force Penny and Bernadette to apologize to Amy, as he bampire not her ‘snuggle bunny’.

We scour the Internet for spoilers as well as posting our own exclusive spoilers Scripts, Casting Calls, Set Photos etc as well as recaps and other fun articles seriew polls. Retrieved February 24, However, he later receives another call from NASA saying that he will be sent to space after all as they want vampore telescope on the International Space Station, though his launch date will be pushed up to the Friday before his wedding.

Archived from the original on October 8, When Leonard meets Speckerman at a bar, the latter reveals that he needs Leonard’s help for implementing his potentially money-making idea- temlorada pair of glasses that can convert any movie into 3D – to which Leonard replies that it is tempodada to make such a pair of glasses.


Amy provides some suggestions during the podcast, which Sheldon unexpectedly accepts, indicating a deep bond between the two.

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He then proposes a page Relationship Agreement, which Amy finds romantic and accepts, though she regrets it later when she finds out that she has to take care of her boyfriend’s injuries as per Section 4 of the seried. Sheldon’s regular barber Mr. Later Penny assures him that their relationship is progressing smoothly. It soon turns out that Sheldon is stranded without Leonard, as none of his other friends are willing to help him. Disoriented by werewolf venom, Damon briefly hallucinates that his captor is Lily.

Later when he discusses the issue with Leonard, Leonard tells him to buy something for Amy to make up for his behavior. Several high-profile celebrities appear in the season.

Penny then sabotages Leonard’s meeting with Laura, leading to a fight between Leonard and Penny before they decide to return home. He begins to do things he never used to do before, like wearing his Tuesday pajamas diaried Thursday night and playing bongos at 3 am. However he is still in a committed relationship with Priya and as a result is torn between cheating on her with Alice or staying loyal to her.

He confides to Bernadette via webcam his experiences in training, which involved vomiting during Zero-G training and having a horrible survival test.