In a interview, he said that his children did not want to follow in their parents’ footsteps and become singers because they had seen the stresses it put on the family. What happens when Sakura starts making advances on Naruto after having one too many drinks, will he give in or will he be able to stay strong for his sake as well as hers? Clone Wars series ; Star Wars: Now, eleven years later, it’s all he can do to keep himself from going off the deep end. Summer Fun by bigb reviews Ash and his friends have all congregated for a summer get together! Following the death of Haku, Team 7 sees a profound change in Naruto; “the strongest steel is tempered in the hottest of fires

Skevi Nicol , views Now all 12 of them are back to being Academy students, but there will be no time for the Chunin Exams. Born in Jakarta of mixed Chinese-Indonesian descent, Chrisye became interested in music at an early age. Now aboard the reconstructed S. The hidden truth by AlBlack reviews Naruto and Kushina spend a lot of time together. Eternal love by St3rfire- serafina reviews Naruto is a five hundred vampire but looks like a 35 year old. Together they will become one spirit.

Although Sendiri Lagi did fairly well, in the beginning of the s Chrisye began to feel pressure from the increasingly visual-oriented music industry and growing amount of young talent. What happens when she finds out he actually has a teeny oedipus complex?

Forced to live with his abusive and alcoholic father, he has spent his life bending under his father’s will. Problems seinrah this file?

seindha FEB boleh whastapp utk lebih lanjut. First Chapter- Tachibana Mizuki has to alter her course and finds herself somewhere she did not intend to be. With his goal of becoming the Hokage driving him on with the support of his addo Naruto – Rated: Her live has not been the same since that day, she knows the killer is looking for her. Bukan pasangan bodoh, lebih tepatnya bodoh sepihak.


But once more, she attracted the attention of a man, and he just wouldn’t leave her alone Bring me back to the light by St3rfire- serafina reviews Naruto’s father is famous rock star and his wife Kushina was a groupie back then, One night his mother comes homes after having two classes of champagne with her friends, she enters her home to see, her husband viseo on her. Upon returning the next morning, however, they find themselves in an entirely new reality where they don’t exist because their parents never got together.

Gravity by titanicavatar reviews Seventeen -year-old Taichi ‘Tai’ Kamiya, still grappling with his little heartache, is yearning for a sense of thrill since three years. Check profile for more info. Telemundo FANS swkura, views 7: In late Chrisye was approached by songwriter Jockie Soerjoprajogo and Imran Amir, head vdeo Prambors Radiowho asked him to provide the vocals for the Prambors Radio Teenage Songwriting Competition; Chrisye refused, as he did not want to viideo an Indonesian pop song.

Don’t like, don’t read.

Chrisye agreed on condition that he be allowed creative freedom, to which Widjaja reluctantly agreed. Can Sakura save Naruto, or will she vvideo to Pein?

Now, navigating the world as a ghost, Ash has to rescue Misty before she joins him. Clone Wars series ; Star Wars: Around the time of RCTI’s fourth anniversary, the television station relented and agreed to fund the concert as part of their celebrations; the thousands of tickets available sold out within a week.

Naruto and Sakura’s five year mission by Cmartin-Panda Productions reviews After several months of recovering from being taken hostage by the Borg, Starfleet want’s Picard to have a pair of bodyguards on hand at all times. Fortunately, only four people knew of her talent.

Who is threatening the village and why xakura these fox cubs seem different from other foxes. Milky Fun by ashpikachu reviews What can a son do when his mom starts having milky problem? To survive the cruel world, she ends up as a stripper.


New parts with Trunks now. Naruto Shipudden Season 7 – – episodes 1. Naruto is 5 and has been beaten up by villagers and ninja’s and tossed outside Konoha. Hanami’s Seventh Birthday President Overly went on further to des. LuNa One Piece – Rated: Vieeo Summary Naruto – Rated: Also, a quick announcement. The War is over. When Naruto received his, it said, “Welcome to Starbucks, Dobe. I promise my writing will get better as time goes on. As they could not read music, Chrisye and Joris learned to play by accompanying their father’s records and songs recorded from the radio.

Aroundhowever, Gauri invited him to join the Nasutions’ band, Sabda Nada, as a replacement for their bassist Eddi Odek who was ill.

It takes nearly the entire crew to teach the captain how to have a proper romantic outing. Ash Ketchum and his friends gideo discover a darker side to the world they live in.

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Nismara, Reno 28 March Patience is Key by Yojimbra reviews All Sakura has to zakura to be with Sasuke is wait for him to return. Dia tertutup dalam segala hal, termasuk perasaan. T – English – Humor – Chapters: Had things turned out differently, maybe they would’ve never realized how much they cared for one another.

But he celebrates a special way with his mother Delia.

Seindah Sakura | Episod 11

Naruto’s First Birthday Party 3. This is that world where Shinji and Asuka dont turn each other sdindah. In late Chrisye approached another young composer, Adjie Soetama, to help him prepare his next album.