Oh well I guess I was wrong. It normally doesn’t last that long, tbh. Akali is one of the best matchups for Varus, she needs jungle pressure to not get stomped vs Varus. We need to have more people like this really showing their passion for their champs. So the rational conclusion is that you belong in gold 3. Her overall damage is certainly not as high as Varus’ damage, though. The second item I get it Nashor’s tooth.

Do you remember AP Tryndamere 1 year ago? There are incredibly many people playing LoL. Best esports games in History Announcements Join our Discord Chat for fun conversations and finding a group! Stats are not everything. People don’t draw logical decisions, but rather blame people who play uncommon things. I’d probably need to have games for my win ratio to be almost correct. Currently, my page looks like this:. Thank you for your quality content, don’t let this subreddit shittalk get to you.

I’m not gonna vatus much about matchups, but you will have a bit of trouble vs highly mobile and bursty champions. With a good team you can get through early game and still do well. In my first games, I always grabbed nashor’s first, but it isn’t as good as hurricane.

LoL Varus Build Guide – ARAM NA – METAsrc

But I also dislike how this community trashes people for not being high elo, that’s why I love that you’re doing this. Just clear the minion wave as fast as you can and wait till you got more gold.

When to go for the teamfight oriented build and when for DFG? His W is essentially 2 parts, since both the magic damage on hit and the blight stacks scale with ap. That’s out of question. That’s what I was trying to tell you with the last part of the above comment:. And for the second half seasoj your comment I really do not understand what you are trying to say. For example why not play Malzahar or Leblanc?


At this point, teamfights are pretty much won already. Keep up the great work. Polandwhich they won with a finals victory over CLG. I’m honestly amazed how much sincere effort you put into this.

You should be about 25 minutes into the game when you got these 4 items. I don’t think he’d be seaspn good botlane.

I hope you get some better luck so you will finnally get to challenger bud. Well I did, shit happens; that wasn’t the topic of this though. There wasn’t another champion that could do that. If I may ask, do you play this in ranked and if so what are you ranked? You can and should be aggressive. I realized a long time ago that people will always jump to conclusions based on rank. What does my rank have to do with this post or with that content I tried to discuss?

Example, the Diamond 1 Ap Sejani Mid player, everyone though it was a trash and he proved them wrong. If you don’t get MR from runes, you’ll be at 31 MR the entire game, which is pretty bad. Aside from that, I don’t understand why everyone talks about my rank. But his abilities allowed him to do it extremely well and reliably.

The opposite cannot be said about AP carries, as they are completely reliant on their abilities. I played AP Varus and Jax from gold something to plat 1.

That said, keep playing him and bring him to higher ranks, you don’t need him to be LCS viable to play him. Ignite helps a lot, too.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Another reason for this is that they aren’t very mobile; if a teamfight breaks buold, your ult will either zone them away or hit them, which is usually good enough to kill them.

Against most champions, doing this once is enough. That doesn’t mean I think I can’t get back. You do not even give good points on why he is a better option then other midlaners. If you honestly think luck is what’s keeping you from climbing then there is no point talking about this anymore. AP Varus’ ult is an exceptional zoning tool seasom, because compared to AD Varus, it doesn’t only snare, but it also deals a lot of damage, especially if you can proc your stacks.


Seaxon tried it once, but my team did to well and finished fast.

Guide LoL Ashe, ADC, S9

Listen, yes, you can have good and bad games, with good and bad teammates. Did that a while ago, but I was and still am too lazy to make a graph. It does of course deal less damage than if you actually built AD items, but it’s good enough to farm safely and poke a lolkinf, even if it’s not as much as ADV could.

This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat His laning phase is pretty awful. Not saying you aren’t right, but even LCS pros get cocky and call stuff trash without even touching said champion, meanwhile a korean picks it and all over a sudden its godlike status.

Varus has high burst, but there are plenty of champions that do that more reliably. Little fun fact for those varud are in doubt: Maybe Diamond 1 80LP? Retrieved from ” https: The ranged abilities that make his life easier as an ADC do nothing unless you already have auto’d the target as AP varus. You won’t be able to kill most of them, but atleast you can farm.

Pro players are not the only reliable source.