And thank you for letting Linda come in and practice. I know that you’re going through nursing school. It was so touching to see the dad with his quadruplets. Thank you for letting me and Linda come into your home today. Well, I went undercover to try to see what we might need to do to become the market leader, and every single caregiver that I worked with, it was clear to me that we already are the market leader in the quality of care. How does that information get communicated back then to, like, the person who was coming after you? Even your real nails need to be cut.

And it kinda really brought back to heart firsthand, you know, what we’re doing. Just thinking about the very end. And you’re so family-oriented. I want some people who can just go in there and work without thinking about, will he like me or not? I just want to jump for joy right now, I’m not gonna lie. I mean, she’s just so focused on the future, making the best of her life. No one knew who I was. As we’ve grown, we’ve become a little bit more removed.

Just thinking about the very end. So after seeing your baby in an Incubator, we realized that for us we didn’t want a year-old child watching our children.

In the nursing home where I worked with Arlene, I was supposed to put lotion on Leo, and half the bottle came out in my hand. We haven’t had a vacation since we got married.


We’d like to pay for your extra year of school, your last year of school. It’s been very hard. Many of the biggest names are already factoring global warming into wide-ranging aspects of their bosw.

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In one facility, our franchisee at his own cost pays for them to be oriented and come in early. Boy, is this gonna be fun. Can you wave to daddy? Well, I’m already part of the Brightstar family. I’d give anything to get that last couple days back.

You have twin boys — how much harder was this? We’re gonna listen to your lungs. Do you think we should have you in a disguise?

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Let’s get some lotion on you. And because you’re interested in so many things, I’d like to pay to have a career coach work with you so that undercovsr could have someone guiding you and giving you advice, help you reach all of your possible potential. That should be our responsibility, to make sure that caregiver to caregiver knows that We need to work on that. Trump addressed the nation’s governors before leaving for his second summit with Epidode Korea’s leader.

I found this coin in a corner pocket. Can you go stronger? It made me feel just so good. Shelly is technically my boss, although she probably wishes I was a much more compliant employee at times.


Brighrstar want to send you back to Cancun for a re-do-over of your vows with you and your husband, all six of your kids, and your two grandchildren, all ten of you.

Put all the whites in one. Linda wasn’t hesitant to work with patients, and I love that. I’m a single parent. I just want to make sure that you have no questions before we leave. They’re gonna see their daddy right now. Come over here with me.

With your fork, young man. Now we get to go call bingo. She has made it her mission to bring awareness ful disturbing and violent content being consumed by children on social media.

We’re going to adopt some best practices from this franchisee to combat this attitude nationally — we’ll build an orientation process into our program, so that every assignment there’s a minute orientation, for which the client does not pay.

Take your bib off.