It’ll be quite the adventure reading to that point in the series, and I’m looking forward to it! Many scenes and descriptions, such as the ones of the party, or Mrs Grantly’s discussion with her husband, were delightful and not devoid of humour. Bold arrives in London to see Tom Towers, journalist for the Jupiter. When Eleanor goes to tell her father that Bold is calling off the action, it is too late. He is profoundly grateful for his sinecure, given him by his brother-in-law, the conservative archdeacon Dr. I was starting to wonder if they had always been there but I had just been oblivious, but no.

The Warden ‘s abiding message of ‘if only everything had been left well alone, left the way things were in the first place, everything would have been better’ must place it amongst the top ten most conservative books ever written. John Bold embarks on this campaign in a spirit of public duty despite his romantic involvement with Eleanor and previously cordial relations with Mr Harding. I highly recommend this quick read, even if Trollope does dump a load of disapproval on the muckracking newpaper. His other daughter, Eleanor, is in love with a local surgeon named John Bold. Eleanor marries Bold, who gradually becomes friendly with the archdeacon. The first of these is the introduction of huge digressions when Trollope suddenly launches a chapter-long satirical attack on the Jupiter newspaper — which everybody above the age of fifteen would have known full well to be his fictionalised version of The Times. I will be reading the next book in the series, which I am assured is an even more delightful novel.

They do combat with each through the media newspapers and England’s House of Lords of when the book was publishedbut caught in the middle are unsophisticated non-political small-town villagers of England, interested only in community Activists and budding political strategists of all stripes should read ‘The Warden’ by Anthony Trollope.

Victoria Glendenning, TrollopeLondon: At least I think I did. I will be back for more. The most important legal and financial issue underpinning the story is simply left unexamined. Grantly is shocked by the attack on the Church and its dignity as well as the prospect of having Bold as a brother-in-law, while the old men fear for the loss of their apartments and, belatedly, losing the kindly Harding, who actually gives them a small monthly stipend out of his own pocket.


Noted fans ha Anthony Trollope became one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. My only question is what else was in that secret drawer. Until Bold tells him he has contacted the largest newspaper about the Warden’s unfair, maybe illegal, and definitely immoral ‘job’. The book follows the feelings of those concerned, which include Mr Harding’s son-in-law the Archdeacon, and a rather vague politician.

The Warden

For the character from Holes, see Warden Walker. The narrative is clean and all story arcs are well resolved. Honestly, the plot of The Warden is not terribly well formed.

See all 3 questions about The Warden…. Fortunately it was written by Anthony Trollope so what it loses in substanc Poor Warden. Trollope didn’t just trollopr on the Church either; other institutions were also scrutinised such as the Press.

I was Carter making the tiny breach into Tutankhamun’s tomb. Hiram’s Hospital houses twelve charity cases, old men from Barchester who have no one to care for them in their old age.

The Warden – Anthony Trollope | The Captive Reader

John Bold has inherited property, and although technically a surgeon, he practises medicine amongst the poor without charging for his services. Next up is Barchester Towers which is supposedly a vastly superior continuation of this famous Victorian era series. Little books that fit under my pillow at night.

At the end of the novel the bishop decides that wardem wardenship of Hiram’s Hospital be left vacant, and none of the bedesmen are offered the extra money despite the vacancy of the post. As a kind of counter-argument to Dickens, Trollope’s characters are fully realized. I am not sure what to write of as a review.

I do plan to read more Trollope. Synopss your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The audio narrator for my library’s cd copy was Simon Vance, who did a wonderful job.

I saw much in it that I could easily identify in current situations, politics and the machinations of the press have not changed as much as we like syhopsis think. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He’s got a cushy gig and he’s aware of it. The scandal becomes more widely known and is taken up by the national daily newspaper the Jupiter [ The Times ] which elevates it to a conflict between Church and State, and between Protestant and Catholic politics.


Harding is shaken as he thinks about whether or not he deserves all this money. To escape such confused state, it is better to state everything in bullets. That is, I answered many essay questions about it and may have even written about it in a paper.

The edition I first read combined both The Warden and Barchester Towers, so I went straight on to the second, and The Warden did feel like a bit of prologue.

Such a work required no ordinary vigour; and the archdeacon was, therefore, extraordinarily vigorous. Your email address will not be published. He is credited with having invented the post box. What might be seen as a simple matter and one in which determining right and wrong is simple as well, proves to be a more complicated issue in the hands of Trollope.

Gustosi i riferimenti al mondo politico e torllope. Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site. Eleanor, when she hears of what Bold has done, must choose between her love for her innocent father and the well-meaning Bold.

The Warden (Chronicles of Barsetshire #1) by Anthony Trollope

Jan 09, Richard Derus rated it liked it. I feel at home. Dr Grantly receives the news with wardeh disdain and insults Bold, refusing to believe that he is acting in good faith.

I finished and took a step back and realized that even missing those factors, this was such an interesting and insightful story.

A man named John Hiram establishes a charitable hospital for the poor men of the nearby town of Barchester. She also thinks it causes unnecessary worry to her father. When the warden arrives back at his hotel, the archdeacon argues that it would be madness to resign his position — using largely financial arguments.

Grantly counters by going to his own lawyers, and by telling the beadsmen that they should be grateful for what they receive, and that they have no right to ask for more.

However, there is nothing familiar in it that suggests I ever actually opened the book.