Piccoli is very good as the labourer-turned-Neanderthal, in what is one of the most bizarre movies I’ve seen. Can a movie that sets itself up as being strange, over the top and generally whacky, still be too weird? The modern Themroc would be a short, stopped by a high- powered bullet about half an hour in. I liked the fence painting scene and found the spit roasting of a cop pig – geddit? So naturally such viewers read everything into the movie that they wanted to read into it. And yet, the movie is part-comedy. And that’s fine with me. The result is visually striking with the handmade charm of somebody who has a very specific, unique vision.

The man sharpens the pencils from the top line, breaks the tip, then puts them on the bottom row. If you get the chance to see this rare gem, check it out. As for humping their sisters, we never suspected anything less of them. At 77 minutes, I Fidanzati is a brief, memorable look at these universal feelings. American movies are foreign movies for me. Many film fans have been turned off of watching foreign imports for this very reason. Themroc is a movie with no dialogue so that it can be seen by any human around the world and still understand how authority has separated us and divided us in order to use us.

Otherwise, we may be be the same barbaric, confrontational figures depicted throughout Themroc. The 10 Most Surprisingly Good Movies of Check it out for yourself and see.

This is mainly noted for having no intelligible dialogue throughout: Themroc has been dumped on the market in the North West of England. The police then leave. For once we agree.

Subtitlees viewed it as an absurdist black comedy, but I’m sure the director had some serious socio-political axe to grind. Themroc was well worth the wait.

It’s interesting that the strategy of liberation in the film revolves around a very personal and playful attack on the architecture most immediate to our lives. The movie slightly drags in a few scenes, but since the movie’s idea is so unique you’re always expecting something surprising to happen.

Can a movie that sets itself up as being strange, over the top and generally whacky, still be too weird? I really wanted to like this film I’ve always prided myself on sniffing out obscure and surreal films, yet after sitting through this film and nodding off a few times towards the end I can’t enlgish why it rates so highly.


In a time when blind respect for anyone with the arrogance to call themselves an authority has reached plague proportions, we need to rediscover Claude Faraldo’s anarchist assault Themroc as a matter of extreme urgency.

If you get the chance to see this rare gem, check it out. Was this review helpful? So naturally such viewers read everything into the movie that they wanted to read into it.

Eventually the cough turns into yells and groans. Go rent “Eraserhead” instead. I wonder why none of the reviews are attending us on that unforgettable, tragic last pictures of the movie: It’s the kind of film that some channel 4 lefty still tripping from the sixties may want to sit down and discuss over a bad cup of coffee with a couple of equally smarmy beret wearing bottom feeders, prattling on about the directors need to primal scream his inner angst.

A builder then arrives at, and tries to build a wall over the hole. It captures the absurdity of everyday life in a repressive social order, and portrays the infectious poetic revolt of one man who “goes mad” against authority in every form.

He waits outside his office, and watches a man sharpening different coloured pencils.

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He throws out his television and other appliances onto the forecourt below. A real curiosity rband 5 June There are no superheroes or wild action pieces in I Fidnanzati, just poetic Italian neorealism telling a small story of love between two regular people. And during the film I thought to myself a lot that it’s pretty unrealistic, but for the ending to work, it had to go this way. Too much of a bad thing does not make it worth the time to watch.

Dimitrije Stojanovic January 29, Five years previous to Themroc’s release, millions of people actually did occupy public spaces including universities and factories, creating “passionally superior ambiances” in many cases, armed to a subtitless extent with Situationist ideas, graffiti slogans from which plastered Paris. But the film is in a way a dream-like rendition of the Situationist vision of changing life. However, for a glimpse of cinema from around the world without all of the reading involved, here are eight great foreign films with little dialogue—and even fewer subtitles—that can be enjoyed without having to glimpse down at a block of text every few moments.


A factory worker goes off his trolley, throws society’s subtitlrs out of the window and reverts to being a caveman. I kinda expected a dark film with more violence, but what you really get is a dark comedy, with more sexual themes than violent ones.

He takes the officer to his flat, and then all englisy neighbours gather round, and cook and feast on him; although the carcass shown is amusingly a pig’s. Warners promise English subtitles, which would have been de trop. Themroc is would be avant-garde,but only for these who have a short memory.

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Themroc jests with him, and persuades him to kick it down after two layers subtitels built. Themroc and his sister throw anything they can find ssubtitles the house at them in the forecourt below. Of course, this would be a product of the symbolism-heavy film output of France. Only using Ukrainian sign language with no subtitles, The Tribe tells an unexpectedly dark tale of a mute young man who arrives at a school for the deaf.

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There, he is introduced to The Tribe, a gang run out of the school by its students, and he is quickly drawn into their sordid world of thievery and prostitution. Is the remake any good? Both characters have something in common, that unique and complete naturalness of the actor. I’ve searched in vain for it since, I don’t think it’s ever been shown in the States. I liked his other films but that one is impenetrable. Soon, other suhtitles start to knock holes in their walls too.

I liked the fence painting scene and found the spit roasting of a cop pig – geddit? She was being kind. ErMi 23 September The Human Subttles Watch would give this thumbs up. Collectors of unusual aspect-ratios may wubtitles to note it is cited as 1. Testing the power of Themroc j-b-w-1 3 June I absolutely recommend watching it if you manage to fin this film. Ezra Campanelli January 28, There is incest, there is cannibalism, and other unsavory stuff going on.