While I could appreciate parts of it for being clever and poetic, I was so frustrated with Scully because I knew he wanted to be a good Father and he wasn’t doing it. Sep 25, Elaine rated it really liked it Shelves: The main character, Scully, is from Freemantle in Western Australia. He smelled the smoke of his homefire and the earthy steam of boiling spuds. It was sealed now. Scully is man that has been preparing a house for his wife and daughter to come home to.

He’s waited, sweated on this reunion. An exploration of marriage and the rich relationship that can exist between father and daughter, The Riders is a gorgeously wrought novel from the award-winning author Tim Winton. View all 6 comments. Scully and his daughter have an almost extrasensory understanding. Want to Read saving…. The yeasty, warm porter expanded in his gut and he moaned with pleasure. No one can write like Tim Winton.

There was a wild Colonial boy, Jack Dougan was his name But he is also a master of characterisation.

Even the damp had damp. Good literature needs to be read. Rising Water Signs of Life Shrine The book is essentially about a man’s withdrawal from sanity or at least an emotionally healthy state, as he searches nonstop wintno his missing wife.

The book ends without answering the question of where the mother is, or making synopsiz apologies to his daughter. But then it became a madness. Scully shifted his foot and the paper came apart like compost.

Tim Winton’s “The Riders”: Pete Keneally & Jimmy Brereton Analysis

His hands had softened these past weeks. There was perhaps room for a sympathetic character to counter any charge of misogyny – although I am glad the author didn’t try and turn one particular encounter into an easy and lazy romance. She’s a special little girl, and it was almost breathtaking to see how the author let this character bloom into herself naturally, and let the chips fall where they may in regards to her reaction to events she finds herself being involved in.


This page was last edited on 31 Januaryat He swept and scraped and humped fresh loads out to the pile behind the knobbly wall. The start of the book is about how Scully sets to, renovating a semi ruined croft in Ireland while his wife goes back to Australia to sell off their house and pack up their possessions.

Must redeem within 90 days. The whole time I was reading it, I witnon wincing over the way Scully refused to protect his daughter, or put her first. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There’s no justice to it, but that’s the God’s truth. I felt tense for so much of the novel – as all Scully’s assumptions about his relationship are undermined.

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At first I wasn’t sure how to synopeis about this book Since its a very readable, very engaging book, the risk is that you read it too fast, and miss out on some of its beauty. It is a powerfully accurate account of marriage today, of the demons that trouble relationships, of resurrection found in the will to keep going, in the refusal to hold on, to stand still. I enjoyed some of the characters, and the story in its pieces was worth te.

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Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. And proof, too, if proof was needed, of Tim Winton’s brilliance with stories and with words.


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The story follows Scully and Billie as they travel around Europe retracing the steps of their previous travel, trying to find Jennifer and work out why she left them. It was a wonder Paris stood up at all. In that instant, Scully’s life falls to pieces. He sees a new life before them, a stable outlook, and a cottage in the Irish countryside that he’s renovated by hand.

Chapter One With the north wind hard at his ridres, Scully stood in the doorway and sniffed. The brilliance of this book is the way that the author has articulated how the mind of Scully broke down as he realised he was betrayed by what he held dear, that those he trusted where never trustworthy.


Before you know it you are drawn into its world and Scully’s journey through Europe, his little daughter tagging at hand, through the extremes of anticipation, search and heartbreak. Einton Scully, more commonly known as Scully encounter and overcomes his main disappointment of losing his beloved wife, Jennifer.

Retrieved 2 February It begins with Scully, an Australian with the face of “an axe-murderer, a sniffer of bicycle seats”, fixing up a cottage in the sticks in southern Ireland, waiting for his wife Jennifer and their 7-year old daughter Billie to rhe him.