The only death I agreed with was Bo Kyung’s. I’m not saying deserves, because honestly, he doesn’t deserve to die at all. Was really crazy about that movie. Fitting punishments will be doled out to the guilty, while the falsely accused will be cleared. Nevertheless I did enjoy this series. Thank goodness this series is over. Your recaps are certainly so much better than the actual show.

Banyak drama korea di tahun yang menarik dan wajib ditonton. All in all, I thought this drama was okay, but felt that it could have been better if the characters could have developed more. March 17, at 7: It had its cute and funny moments, but also it’s major failures, like Yang-Myung’s death. The Queen Consort in symbolic art was represented by both the white moon and the phoenix, just as the King was the red sun and the dragon. True the baddies died, but there always other baddies to rebel. Please enter your username or email address.

I did not expect so many people to die in this episode and was hoping for a trial that would reveal all the sins suj evil minister and his minions had done. Oh god, and the part where he pretty much offers himself to die? It was a good drama with a happy ending but it episods have been sooo much better. Despite the hiccups or because of them, I loved and enjoyed every movement and melody of this drama.

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She has hidden a gift in this room for him. Bo-kyung, who has been discovered and laid in her chamber. I’m not saying deserves, because honestly, he doesn’t deserve to die at all. Yang-myung drops his sword and awaits his fate. It is an easy ending. They stuck quite loyally to the novels, which, uh, was their downfall I think. P In the next live you will be with the women who you love because you already save a country Maybe things would’ve happened faster.


One by one, the lesser ministers in the Council of Evil go down. Bae Noo Ri Supporting Cast. Seol, the “Snow flake “.

Diah Edogawa: [K-Drama ] The Moon That Embrace The Sun

I beg to differ, about KSH: Ondubu March 23, at Please enter your username or email address. Nok-young and Jan-shil look up at the sky to see two suns converging. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community embrwces It had its cute and funny moments, but also it’s major failures, like Yang-Myung’s death. To explain her unwanted presence, she tells him that the king has lifted her slave status, but now she has nowhere to go: To her surprise, she finds Yeom and her son standing in her path.

I do have to say the drama drives me batty with its shit-for-brains approach to women characters, though, which has been a problem all the way through.

Sinopsis ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ All Episodes

But I guess it’s just that it remains. Sinopss Hee Soo as Mrs. Another body lies silently in the palace: She understands that he blames himself, and tells him not to — that so doing would just make her blame herself for staying alive. Really pretty, tastes sweet when you start, but you get sick of it and after you’re finally done with it with a bit on torment trying to finish all that sugar you realize it wasn’t even worth your dedication and thousands of licks.

Kim Bo Kyung’s mother. No depth, the acting I am sorry uber TMETS fans kind of sucked but like you said it was an enjoyable watch and disappeared from your memory the minute you finished.

The Moon That Embraces the Sun. I find myself entertained by watching the moon embracing the sun On another note, as much as I hate Min Hwa, I’m glad they punished her this way. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.


King which makes me giggiling, crying, and amazed by his act The ending is so-so. I loved this drama which was my first Saguek back then and many, many people I’ve talked to have call this one tbe ‘Gateway Drama’when it was on Netflix. A happy romantic ending for Hwon and Yeon-woo?

Reading this recaps while listening to the OST Nowhere is that more evident than in the character of Yang-myung. The drama was never at the top of the narrative game — or even the acting, or production-quality games, for that matter — but sometimes you have to give props to something that can capture attentions.

In fact, that goes for the entire finale, because this is a drama that has long ceased to have any emotional grip on me, and yet I found the tearful moments appropriately tear-inducing, and was surprised at how much I cried along with the characters.

Your email address will not be published. Meg March 17, at 4: Queen and I Genre: There were so many wasted characters – sigh Cast – The Moon Embracing the Sun.

There was no place for her within the palace or her own family. Keep writing such good stuff!