Dragon Ball Super The Movie: In Tynan was engaged by Balcon as a script adviser at Ealing to bring in new talent, which resulted in him co-scripting the thriller Nowhere to Go , starring Maggie Smith in her movie debut and the first film to be directed by Seth Holt, producer of The Ladykillers. Guinness is usually said to be impersonating Sim here. What’s your nex t favori t e movie? Looking to compete alongside The Criterion Collection, they have delivered a comparable product with this good Blu-ray release featuring a decent number of extras. At 77, Katie Johnson also delivers a marvelous performance in her second to last film. The Blu-ray has had a thorough manual cleaning to irradiate or lessen these weaknesses.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Add to wish list. Louisa Wilberforce Katie Johnson is the widowed owner of a large house with rooms to rent. Somehow, the woman inadvertently gets mixed up in their scheme without knowing it and then the gang must debate on whether to kill her or not, especially when they all like the poor old dame. Ethan Coen , Joel Coen Writers: This introduction by Gilliam is brief but conveys his profound enthusiasm for the film.

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There is an elephant in the Ladykillers front room in the shape of the Coen Brothers remake. You will get a notification at the top of the site as soon as the current price equals or falls below your price.

Third, that the confidently Victorian Mrs Wilberforce, with her resonant name suggesting 19th-century certainties, embodies the faded grandeur of the industrial revolution and the British Empire that is holding the nation back.

The Ladykillers Blu-ray

Prints for those venues were cherry-picked as they came off of the line. And here you get to see him playing against Sellers, who just figuring out how to do his comedy on the big screen, but delivers a solid supporting turn. The film was shot with a lightly hued, dull color scheme. Introduction by filmmaker Terry Gilliam SD, 3 min – The director briefly offers some thoughts on the film. John Wiley and Sons: Routledge Mortimer, Claire, When ‘scope came into being, Technicolor had to resort to Eastman Color print stock until they re-engineered their print line to make registration more accurate.


The Ladykillers review – the greatest comedy caper | Film | The Guardian

A gang of thieves rent a room upstairs from an old woman, who thinks they’re a musical band. The DVD has nothing but a theatrical trailer some text screen on Guinness but the Blu-ray is absolutely stacked starting with an excellent commentary by Philip Kemp who always gives solid discussion on the film’s production and tidbits on the filmmakers and cast.

The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second.

Those who were pleased with the previous Blu-ray release will find this new 60th Anniversary Edition equally satisfying. The single-layered DVD loses on every detail of the visual quality from brighter colors although appears to have chromatic aberrationsstronger detail, more visible grain and certainly more accurate flesh-tones.

Considering she died only two years after the completion of the film, it’s sad to think how many talented actors are passed over for far too long and perhaps never get their shot. Wilberforce has a room to let, and her posted advertisement piques the interest of “Professor” Marcus Alec Guinnessfirst seen as in silhouette paired with menacing music.

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Ladykiloers film has been released on DVD in the 1. The previously seen special features are: Show 25 25 50 All. Wilberforce is one of the most deliciously wicked bad omens in cinema history.

The Ladykillers () Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

February 16th, Standard Blu-ray Case Chapters: Mrs W, as she comes to be known within the film itself, is approached by the shady Professor Marcus Alec Guinness about the rooms that she has available to rent within her house. The disc presents a 1. The only bit of mild vibrancy occurs with occasional red objects and the green of ladyklilers parrots.

Unlike the visuals, the source audio seemed relatively free of defects or distortion. But the meetings never run smoothly, as Mrs.

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The Ladykillers review – the greatest comedy caper

I love this film and was overjoyed that it was coming to Blu-ray. Blu-ray rating Video 3. The gang soon gets fed up with Mrs. History has seen the legacy of this institution atrophy to focus on the legendary comedies doing a great disservice to titles such as the Ladykillers, Dead of Night, Went the Day Well? The Ladykillers Blu-ray, Video Quality. But it is the story that keeps bringing people back and why the film endures.


A Limited Rau Series. Contrast is flat, and textures can be seen in the foreground, but lose their sharpness when they recede into the background, limiting depth. Wilberforce enters the plan, things quickly deteriorate.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Elements are balanced well, although music is purposefully jarring on occasion for comedic effect. Bblu looks as if light bled into the print as redness seeps into the bottom of the shot. Extras include an introduction by Terry Gilliam 3 min. Audio Commentary – Film historian Philip Kemp delivers a well-researched commentary, although his delivery is rather dry.

Played wonderfully by Guinness, Marcus is introduced as, shown only in shadow and silhouette, he follows Mrs W home before ringing her doorbell. Select category Add custom category. When the old girl discovers the truth, Marcus and company cannot persuade her to stay buttoned up about it and thus decide to do her in. Johnson had only acted in bit parts or uncredited roles, so this was her chance to leave a lasting impression on the world.

Despite the incredible talent in the male cast, the stand-out performance that always sticks in my mind is courtesy of 79 year-old Katie Johnson as Ms. Everything goes swimmingly until they have to consider the force of nature that is Mrs Wilberforce, a little old lady who is the one thing keeping those five desperate and greedy men from the thw of their unlawful deeds. All goes according to plan with the brilliantly executed bank heist, but as soon as Ms.

The Lord of the Rings: Interview with Ronald Harwood refiew The scriptwriter shares some of his experiences of Alexander Mackendrick and tells us what he has learned. The story of a bunch of hapless, small time crooks who unwittingly enlist the help of a sweet, but meddlesome, old lady to assist in their robbery and eventually become undone by her has been retold many times over the years.