Most of the video consists of video screen capture of a creating a macro and assigning it to a key, and b opening up all of the menu options. To this day I still have problems where CUI will recognize my K70 keyboard but will not recognize the mouse unless I uninstall CUI, reinstall it and then update all the firmware there Would I purchase again? I found a quick fix to this was shutting off the lights through CUI wth? So far mine is working great. See All Buying Options. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Its shape makes it difficult to use the pinky finger to lift the mouse to adjust where the pointer is on screen. It’s a little light for my taste, and very cheaply made. All of the buttons work perfectly and the software is supported on both Windows and OS X. See All Buying Options. My first unit had all sorts of problems and glitches. The funcationality of a hardcore gaming mouse, without the garishly bright colors and over the top graphics. What do I like? It’s not a bad mouse, for my purposes.

Only 1 left in stock – order soon. An HD version of the same video is on YouTube, link in first comment of this review best for screen captures of macro creation, etc. The overall design is cool looking, and decently ergonomic. It is nice to see in the dark, and the scroll wheel and 12 side buttons!? I had always liked br4 hex thumb button design but hadn’t wanted to spend as much as some brands charge. I have been using the 1st version of the Naga since just so you know what I am coming from.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Skip to main content Search. The Venus is the ultimate gaming mouse.


Let me tell you, I had no idea how much easier my gaming experience could have been. To me the ergonomics is so much better. After a few rounds in BF4 and CS: The ergonomics are much better than the original.

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Fantastic mouse with a pretty big drawback. LED light looks cool and can be adjusted tartarys. There were multiple times that it would recognize the mouse, profiles and everything, but the side buttons would not work.

Would I purchase again? Overall, it’s a pretty solid mouse, and its responsiveness is only subject to the whims of your personal settings. I also hear that the software is not available online, meaning that if you lose the disc it comes with then it can’t be installed on a new compute unless you backed up the casy data of course Otherwise it functions as it should.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. If I was being really serious I’d still use 2 hands as I think my reaction time was slightly slower using just the mouse, but with effectively 7 extra programmable buttons the It’s not a bad mouse, for my purposes. I demo changing the DPI setting briefly. Since that never happens when I need hardware I would purchase this again, if it lasts for at least one year. Lets start with the feel – I was hoping it would be the rubberized matte finish that the Orbwaver has, which is almost cool to the touch.

I really like this mouse, but have one complaint. Next to my wife, this is the second best thing my mother-in-law ever gave me. See All Buying Options. I have the original Diamondback from back in and has served me very well. You’re not going to go wrong with this mouse. My only gripe with the Tartarus is that unlike the n52te, the D-Pad feels more like a button than a traditional D-Pad. Your ring finger rested along a curve while It was a shame too, because the mosue had an extroadinary design.


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They recommended a firmware upgrade, which I Feels just like my old n52te except for the fact that there’s no mouse wheel not like it matters since I never used it much.

However, I’m not complaining about that as the button still works, and whatever broke and fell out was also causing the squeak. The additional buttons are easy It was pretty natural feeling to plug in and start using, there was nothing I had to get used to.

But this is a comparison of the original and the edition, i think one of the most important aspects to this comparison is the feel of the device in your hand, and how you play.

I use it to play the game, Rift, and the 12 programmable side buttons have taken my game combat to a taratrus new level. My first unit had all sorts of problems and glitches.

So far I think it will. From mouse jumping to permanent double clicks, this mouse became absolutely unusable. Nearly had this a year now.