And really, a bucket with a can just happened to be there? Under the color of the twilight, a familiar looking sapphire blue suddenly appears in front of my eyes. Your not seeing anything since we are just watching side stories. Oh theres a wiki for it http: Also orange cursor turns green in some time not even for everyone but I doubt that it take years to become green from murder Its a part of the discussion when we speculate on a certain thing in the anime. Constant erosion by mindless majority sheeping has made us lose our unique edge.

I would rethink that, my friend, have a little more patience. Kirito, however, is not one of them so far. So why are they even animating the side stories? Damn, that was fast, I can only wonder what the main story line will be about. And did Sinon just returned the gun to her?? Then you know what’s bad, what’s good, and what isn’t for you. Dang, kinda dull, lately the episodes have been lack luster. As somebody who hadn’t seen the novel, I actually enjoy this anime a lot.

I never expected feels from SAO. A much better paced episode compared to last week’s. You just have to watch closely.

There are thousands and thousands of spoilers and one has to resist the desire to click in all of them, a little annoying I don’t get what Kirito sees in Asuna, it’s clear onljne he already feels something for aanimesenshi, but I don’t understand why she’s beautiful, a good cook and strong enough to keep up with him, it wouldn’t be surprising if he fancies her a little for those reasons when some males in sao would drool at the sight of her But one don’t get a crush in someone because makes good food or it’s strong with swords It was also pretty cool, too, how they briefly reflected on some aspects of MMORPGs–player base consisting of jerks, and the levelling system– with a few one-liners ary whatnot.


And as for the quest itself – in game design, it is always the bad choice to have NPC that tells you everying for the background sworv current quest cause at the time of the quest start players have no means of knowing what such NPC is talking about.

I don’t care if you disagree. Hitler was good, objectively.

In all honesty this arc was probably one of the worst I have ever seen. Not everyone can afford making an Anime with a budget that could buy Sweden.

Anime officially ruined because of this. Rape is never haha funny, ever. Tanking a group of people 30lvs lower than you should be nothing. Blind fanboyism is also a form of irrationality most users on MAL seem to sport.

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And that wouldn’t destroy the games balance since he couldn’t kill a person inside the safe zone and has to be a high level character to make use of the hiding skill. Pretty ridiculous about how Kirito was saved by that tiny heart monitor device thingy.

I enjoyed all the show I’ve watched so far, before watching a show I did some sort of stuff to see if it suits my fav genre or not.

Swrd the novel didn’t portray how he reach that high level, and u guys honestly want to see how he level up from 1 – 78 in the entire anime? I tend to see your posts all over the animes I watch to be honest and this is the first time I went to your profile and saw the reason behind your post.

Sword Art Online II. Kirito, however, is not one of them so far. It was most likely a mistake on the animators parts and, like most of us the people who checked to see if everything was good didn’t notice it.

FFF more than 4 months of animesdnshi


Sword Art Online II Episode 14 Discussion

That’s too cute a name for a floor boss. I would have slammed that button so fast. I should get around to reading the LN’s sometime since I hear how much these adaptations aren’t really doing them much justice.

Finally, it was about time for one of these mini-arcs to have a happy ending, I’m glad that Silica got her pet back. Still think that they should have added it in the extra edition to do it justice, but whatever. If I don’t like the current show I’m watching, I drop it half way.

If she ends up as another harem member with little screentime then gg. I guess that’s because the lead had something to do and in this episode he was more talk. Not only that, but I think the sales will be amazing and if anything, it may get a Season 2 if they didn’t finish which I doubt they won’t finish.

Woah he was held at knife point by a girl Sinon wants to go back and met the guy who just a second ago tried to kill and rape her, in that order. Moreover, Suguha will be the first one to stumble upon this ephiny. D but epsiode week SAO was better. The end of this episode episoee me smile. Introducing side story first is a wise choice I must say, so u guys won’t be amazed by the awesomeness of the plot later on.

Hopefully no one will die irl when their character dies in-game because this show did that twice already and it’s becoming kinda annoying.