Jim Beaver even constructed an elaborate story through his Twitter that he was filming a French financed film about the abominable snowman, complete with tales and pictures from the “set. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: The films feature a videotape that will result in a person’s death in seven days, unless someone else watches the tape within that time. You know, I figured, why drag you in I am being deployed to Afghanistan soon. Dean tries to attack it, but is too sober to see it.

Alright Jenny G, your ganking days are over. Personal tools Log in. You can read those tweets here and here. Search for ” Party On, Garth ” on Amazon. Jimmy Day Matty Finochio Audible Download Audio Books. Sam arrives and tries to get Lee out, but the shojo hits him.

After some research, they learn that the shojo can be controlled if it’s contained in a spell box. Garth remembers that his EMF reader acted up when Dean had his flask out and asks seson it’s possible that Bobby is a ghost. Alright Jenny G, your ganking days are over.

Garth heads to Junction City, Kansas, to “garth” a ghost that has killed on teenager and he burns his bones in the cemetery.

Dean tries to attack it, but is too sober to see it.

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Philip Sgriccia as Phil Sgriccia. Retrieved from ” http: The next day, Garth hugs the brothers and tells them to call whenever they need help.


Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Season 8 Episode It’s sort of like drinking a vitamin for you, right? I mean, who knows more about being a ghost than Bobby?

In addition Jim Beaver ‘s name did not appear in the opening credits of this episode, to further protect the surprise. Eric Kripke created byAdam Glass. You know, I figured, why drag you in Garth pulls out his puppet partner, Mr Fizzlesand to Dean’s consternation, Tess talks to the puppet, telling it that a monster killed her mother.

Randy also tells them about the third partner they had, Dale Lampert. Dean reminds him that Cas wanted to do it, and Sam says he doesn’t want to talk about it just as Dean’s phone rings.

On superhatural of everything else, they’re selling their Thighslapper Ale to a large distributor, a deal that’s been in the works for a while.

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Garth asks him about it, and Dean tells him that the flask was Bobby’s. She tries to run, but the spirit thrusts its arm through Lillian’s chest, killing her while her daughter screams.

They leave the motel room unaware that Bobby’s ghost is watching them. Bob Singer said of the drinking in the episode: Trivia The episode title is a reference deason Wayne.


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Start your free trial. They quickly get drunk on Jim’s nice liquor and then watch the video again; this time they see the monster that appeared after Trevor opened the sake. He proposes drinking more, but their police scanner crackles; officers are being called to the McAnn’s house.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: It knocks the sword out of his supernatugal, sending it sliding across the floor.

Josephine Barnes Adrian Hough Dean previously referenced the movie in 2. Audible Download Audio Books. Soon they realize that the ghost has been sent by a revengeful man to seek revenge against his former supernatursl partners and can only be seen by drunken people.

Share this Rating Title: Marie McAnn Jan Bos On Disc at Amazon. Wonderland Sound and VisionWarner Bros. Meanwhile, Dean manages to find a sword and gets the chef from earlier to bless it while he pours bottled water over it in lieu of a stream.

He learns that Dale left the company two weeks before he died, and Sam thinks he may have been pushed out because he didn’t want to sell.