KBS Drama Awards [29]. However, the rest of them didn’t want to do that, and so his father couldn’t do anything. I really didn’t foresee myself getting hooked on this drama at all but your recap of the first episode and those gorgeous screencaps of Joongki made me try it out and I’m pretty sure I’m hooked now. But that wipes the smile off her face — she sold her principles for so little. I even like recaps by two persons its like chatting you know? Yoon-hee walks around, familiarizing herself with the classrooms, library, and grounds, gulping a little when an upperclassman playing soccer takes off his shirt.

Tae Gong Sil has the ability to see ghosts, but their constant demands of help make her life impossible, until she meets Joo Jong Won, handsome CEO that measures everything with money, since when she touches him, the ghosts disappear. He bribes him to keep his mouth shut and then goes to see Sun Joon, offering help to find Yoon Hee. In fact, she’s going to stop him from even going to the gathering. Jae-shin is as well, but he has no family to fall back on and therefore is isolated save for his leech-y friend, Yong-ha. It actually does go with his characters personality. I enjoy watching this drama for its cute moments, hilarious sub-characters, and of course the pretty boys that give my eyes joy. No better way to justify an extreme premise than to saddle the heroine with a sick brother and poor family, right?

Anyways, I must say, thanks for the recaps! Yoon-hee walks around, familiarizing herself with the classrooms, library, and grounds, gulping a little when an upperclassman playing soccer takes off his shirt. Sungkyunkwan Scandal — 7.

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However, I cannot tolerate you telling me I am wrong. Great start to a surely fruitful and enjoyable recap of SKKS! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Next, he meets with Sun-joon and offers to help him find that guy, which has Sun-joon suspicious. Everything about it scream Sunkyunkwan to me.

Sun-joon introduces himself anyway. Moreover, if she sat in place of someone else for the exam, she could earn nyang synopis a day-equivalent to three years wages. Syjopsis ‘s Monday—Tuesday dramas. The one you save is me! A tomboy, mistaken for a lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment.


Each of these character have their own share of plot in the storyline, they are not there merely as eye candy although they are in a sense but part of a whole storyline.

Later on, I start to really like Jae-shin I enjoy dpisode this drama for its cute moments, hilarious sub-characters, and of course the pretty boys that give my eyes joy. Yoon-hee unfolds the undergarment and begins painting on synopiss to show that this is not a shameful undergarment but a beautiful memory. This is where I suffered the most mind-boggling Second-Lead-Man syndrome, in the end the second-lead prevailed.

At sungkyynkwan gisaeng house, Cho-sun asks Yoon-hee what it is she can do for her—is it not her undergarments marked with proof of her affections?

Its K-dramaland, where usually, reality is a fourth dimension on its own, hehe! I tried to call one of my old professors from college, but he went back to Taiwan and therefore I have no one else to call. Startled, she hurries to get up, butting head with Sun-joon. Another drama to watch! And his character has already been played in a sageuk by another guy who performed it so well, a team was formed in his honor. He is left staring at the prose she wrote at the back of his sungkyunksan.

I like this drama except that I feel Yoon-Hee is overacting the ‘I am disguised as a boy’ thing.

As she runs into a street, she barrels straight into Yong Ha who catches her and gives her a quizzical look, up and down. This is the new cheating tactic being used by the real Wang. His father advises him to be careful; the world has its eyes on him and is waiting for him to misstep. I’m not sure about insoon either, but I love his eyebrows! Bae Hae-won 19 episodes, Ah-Sung Ju I enjoyed how detailed this recap was! Yong-ha introduces himself, offering both his name and nickname — it appears each of our main characters will get their own nicknames, and his is Yeo-rim, which refers to his playboyish ways with the ladies.


Just her luck, this is the room where Cho-sun is attending to Minister Ha. Personally, I find it suiting.

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Havent really chosen a favorite yet Been waiting for this since last week. Must be all that smut he reads.

It feels kinda different to hear today’s music with historical scenes. Why the offer of help? Jo 9 episodes, Raine August synopsos, at 7: Panicking, she reconsults her diagram and drawing, only to realize that she mistook Sun-joon, with a teeny dot on his upper lip, for Wang, with his huge sandal. As always, thank you for the great recaps. Yoon-hee enters her room expecting it to be empty, but to her horror, Sun-joon is already inside, settling in.

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He explains that this he employed Yoon-shik to take the test — Yoon-shik has outstanding talents, but is unable to serve the government due to his unfortunate circumstances. Thank you JB again. Just as he points his finger at her and begins to speak, a gisaeng apologizes for the disturbance, explaining that this was all a part of the Sungkyunkwan initiation and he she sxandal a Sungkyunkwan scholar.

Knowing there is no other way, Yoon Hee gets on her knees to beg the men to return her money. Out of all the new batch of dramas, this one had me the most intrigued.

It finishes with the declaration that she has no right to enter government service. The reason becomes clear a moment later when the king opens her exam sheet and reads her answer.

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So far, so good! He would be an adorable puppeteer! It definitely sounds like at least Junsu is singing. I really like this show.