He was half-complaining, half-bragging and percent amazed. Pistons fans look at Josh Smith and think, I have 54 million more reasons to handcuff Joe Dumars to a radiator in my basement. Is this too nerdy? We had no way to improve — no real assets, no future stars, nothing. Those are the numbers Lakers fans see. Nash became involved with one of my big projects, 30 for 30, codirecting our film about Canadian hero Terry Fox. Over the course of a few phone calls and emails, Nash smartly realized he could never publish the book he wanted to write.

So salaries resonate more than they ever did. And Mike Brown as Mike! He hated being a cap figure. Steve Nash would be allowing us behind the curtain. We met by phone during the summer of , when Nash needed a copilot for a potential book project. He figured he could play quality basketball once a week.

And Lakers fans look at Steve Nash and think, 9.

Strve stopped for gas, bought a Sunday Globe and flipped to the sports section. I thought he was there. And then, one night … my phone rang.

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Less than 48 hours later, he tweaked his leg against Chicago. Halfway through the phone call, I started to comprehend the stakes. He hated that his teammates only knew him two ways: Within a few seconds, he was spilling everything.

Hock directed three of the 10 best 30 for 30 docs: A solid year passed. Many NBA junkies care about building teams almost as much as they care about watching them.

So we placed the book on permanent hiatus. You want to know what your team spends and how much it might be able to spend. So salaries resonate more than they ever did. Then again, the Lakers have done a variety of silly things lately.


The Finish Line with Steve Nash – Episode 1

He just turned Many times, that transforms players from human beings into salary pawns. Not even one of M.

He wondered if the same trait that made so many athletes great — supreme confidence at all times — was their mortal enemy in moments like this.

But he dished out nine assists and looked like the old Nash crossed with Old Nash. I never felt right about following up. Of course, the most appealing thing about the project became the same thing that derailed it: See all from Bill Simmons. They were remarkably, staggeringly outspoken. His move to Los Angeles opened the door for a belated collaboration. Is this too nerdy?

He found that more frustrating than anything, Nash confided — being able to get there every once in a while, grantlqnd not all tseve time. Fpisode Nash would be allowing us behind the curtain. A once-great athlete, trying to hang on, searching for episoe rare talent that may or may not have vanished from his body. Thirteen years later, that piece reads as if I deliberately dumbed it down. But in the NBA, you need to do that three or four times a week. We had no way to improve — no real assets, no future stars, nothing.

I took the other side, believing the Lakers would be foolish to use the stretch.


The Finish Line: Steve Nash Reacts to the Backlash – Episode 3

Those are the numbers Lakers fans see. He wondered how to make him happy and keep him happy. Teaming up for a modern-day version of Life on the Run or The Game absolutely intrigued me, especially after chatting with Nash and finding out how perceptive he was. I only caught the tail end of Frazier and the second and inferior incarnation of Tiny. Anyone paying attention knew what was more likely: He tried to figure out every conceivable way to make Stoudemire better at basketball, both on and off the court.

He wondered why Stoudemire behaved certain ways in certain situations, and what internal and external forces contributed to that behavior. Hakeem needed the Raptors. Unbelievably, improbably, incredibly, Wilkins was reportedly ditching Epiwode to play in Greece.

For every Simmons column and podcast, click here. Welcome to The Finish Line. He knew nothing about our Nash project.

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Nash spent a good deal of energy, legal and financial, to guarantee his children would be raised in Los Angeles. Bird needed a pound back brace. We were trapped under. Not while he was still playing, anyway. This could have been, potentially, one of the great sports books.