Simple mode can be turned off by switching to Complete Mode in the Property Editor toolbar. Support for branch intersection blending. The ground color opacity can be controlled with the new Ground shadow weight property. When enabled, a wireframe overlay is drawn on top of the chosen rendering mode. Use the LOD properties to make a node not contribute geometry to the model but still have its descendants visible. Frond vertex winding has been corrected This fix correctly orients exported frond geometry for use with two sided materials in offline rendering packages. This property allows you to preview higher resolution lightmaps without changing the UV layout.

See the collections help page for more info. This allows the user to organize them however they desire, including the ability to hide asset bars that are not commonly used. Leaf ripple pulsing A bug in the export process that caused a pulsing behavior in leaf ripple has been corrected. Fixed miscellaneous Mac issues Several other minor issues were fixed on Mac OSX, most importantly slow drag and dropping and picking. Support for branch intersection blending. Fixed error that result from deleting materials assigned to proxies This worked previously but generated error messages in the console. Bifurcation Web Angle Fixed an issue where the normals and tangents were lining up in the bifurcation web area causing shader crashes in Unity and UE4.

Help others learn more about this software, share your comments. Download cheap Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2. Animated two-sided fronds fix Exported, animated two-sided fronds now work correctly in dcc apps. Bones now honor sink values Bones were not adhering to sink values and could become separated from the geometry.

The Modeler does not hang when computing light maps. Modeler In Use On Another Computer Fixed an issue with the subscription Modeler where on rare occasions it would kick the user out of the Modeler and report that the Modeler was being used on another computer. Now, if this property is not checked, mesh fronds will behave like sperdtree fronds until the bifurcation points exceeds the start point. All edited nodes are now correctly colored when the corresponding generator is selected Previously, nodes with only profile having parameters edited were showing as unedited.


Face ordering on frond and leaf meshes corrected This bug became evident with the advent of user controlled culling. U correction not applied to speeftree texture Detail U texture coordinates are now corrected, unless they have been clamped. Background image support Background images can now be assigned to the viewport. This problem has been corrected.

They are done by the installer or via Windows native mechanisms. Reloading a normal map texture used as a displacement now recomputes the displacement Prior to this fix, the previous displacement would remain until the tree was reloaded.

Significant mesh exporting improvements Mesh exporting is now 5 to 10 times faster and uses 5 to 10 times less memory.

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Maximized tree windows remain maximized when opening new tree models Previously each new tree opened in a cascaded view. Mesh indicators retain visibility when switching render modes When changing between render modes that don’t show force indicators and those that do, the indicators return where applicable they used to remain hidden.

Mislabelled ‘Start’ Menu shortcuts Start menu shortcuts are now labelled with the correct version number. Previously the mesh asset would be wiped out instantly in this case. The ground color opacity can be controlled with the new Speedtres shadow weight property.

Additionally, the height of the model is displayed on top of the height indicator. Download “Should I Remove It?


It was a docking cinemq in v6. Displaying Normals Correctly Deleted nodes no longer show normals. New User Interface Version 6. X, Y, and Z node offsets now affected by scene scales. This bug has been corrected.

Export unwrapped The bug preventing exporting unwrapped models has been corrected. Missing triangles in Maya Improved degenerate polygon detection has corrected the missing polygons in Maya error.

Animated growth Use the timeline in conjunction with the new ‘Growth’ properties to animate the growth of any polygonal model. Faster loading and smaller file sizes Large models now load significantly faster and are much smaller when saved.

Return force This force causes branches to return to their original growth direction. Download cheap Overloud Mark Studio 2 2.

SpeedTree Cinema version 6.2.2

Texture previews can be zoomed and speedtreee, and mesh assets can be rotated with the mouse. Hand drawn features now adhere to size scale correctly Branch segmentation, child generation frequency, and control points now scale as intended with hand drawn branches. The arbitrary method scales by any user assigned value while the unit conversion method scales between commonly used world units.

Modeling parameters not implementing size scale correctly have been fixed Frond mesh ‘Z Scale’, cap offset, and flare height were previously unaffected by size scalars.

Forces not embedded in the model no longer affect scene extents Zooming now focuses only tree model geometry. Download cheap Studiolinkedsvst Hip-Hop Beast 1 dvd.