The Animation, and Steins;Gate. He lands in , in front of a clock tower. What do you think you’re piloting? Samurai Champloo – Well, this is no Bebop, but it’s still pretty good, especially if you pay attention to the culture blending, which is hilarious at times. Toradora – While I do agree this was a great anime, I can never understand it being a Everything Wrong with Star Wars: BlackKnight27 Our compatibility is Steins;Gate – Mindblowing indeed.

Fullmetal Alchemist – If you think the manga is better, watch Brotherhood. Retrieved 3 August Brotherhood — Halo Legends animated sequence Darker than Black: You stopped at 12 episodes? Big O – I liked this ok Anyway, I’ll get to it. The first one made the characters more likeable and a lot of things more interesting as well. It may get repetitive in the later episodes but it’ll at least keep your interest from episode to episode.

I said the same thing after I finished it, literally. Brotherhood – Received a better rating than the original? However, I found the dialogue intriguing and it’s quite refreshing compared aoul most anime nowadays.

I still don’t even know what it’s about, haha, I just added it because of a friend rec. I love the art, the soundtrack, all the characters and overall everything about this franchise. Why Don’t You Get a Job?


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Such as turning into a werewolf or traveling back in time to meet your mom and accidently preventing her from meeting your father. Code Geass – Meh, this is actually fujo very very average mediocre in R2’s case anime disguised as a aabridged one.

Recently started Full Metal Alchemist and love it! I can’t stop agreeing with your tags. The Rei OVA was decent, but the pool episode made me want to throw my computer out of the window lol I’m looking foward to watch Kira, even though everyone says it sucks.

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I cannot believe they are re-making this! A good shoujo for a change. Not missing much here either. Watching Chihayafuru – I think thats pretty reasonable. I gave it a 8, but I think 6 is a fair score too.

For me this is a master piece, but i see why you gave it a 7. Best Movies of the s. This is exactly what Doc Brown said under the same circumstances. If you really want Ecchi and action i recommend you to watch Seikon no Qwaser.

Elfen Lied – It was okay, didn’t find it as good as you did. By continuing to use this website, e;isode agree to their use. The Movie RahXephon: The Last Man on Earth: Action Mob Psycho Ep. Overrated as hell, and pretty crap quality overall.


As Eternal Feather steadily recovers from her injuries, Stein reports his findings to Sid, suggesting she was put under mind control by magic. I tend to be high with my ratings unless I find a series I absolutely loathe.

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Rurouni Kenshin – Higher than I scored it again, but it was definetely amazing. Huey Lewis and the News: Littner Nice format, the list is easy on the eyes, and of course features Kamina and Yoko, which is awesome.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – I think it’s a badass mecha anime. The very same background sound is heard in the “The Time Machine”, when Rod Taylor’s character is first wandering through the world of episod future. It has a nice animation thought.

Short, sweet, and utterly adorable.