The author would like to thank you for your continued support. It had been a long ten years since she had seen him, and the last had been a quick glimpse of happiness right before she stepped into the portal to return to their world. But the only reason I rated it so high is the theme song in the English version is hilarious! The silence of death, at the end of all these years. Emerl Saga Episodes 7. She rubbed her hands together, reaching out towards the fire that filled the room with a golden light. The show is outstanding!

Anime is a Japanese animation, and it fits Sonic perfectly. Knuckles gets tortured by Amy constantly Your review has been posted. What if it wasn’t? The Show isn’t bad its a normal Sonic show but they shouldn’t have human in it ,I know Sonic Adv 1 and 2 had humans but they didn’t affect the story they we’re just normal people in the background, Chris is just boring and useless, Sonic is so Weak even in Super Sonic form, many fillers no joke here its full of them and the number one problem we almost never see Sonic’s world it true, there’s no reference to any stage from the games Only on the adaptations of Sonic Adv 1 Adv 2 but it doesn’t happen in Sonic’s world. Chaos Saga Episodes 4.

Read my mind 4. Sorry it took me long. But you were never lost, just paying time’s cost. Pretty good, but ruined Sonic’s legacy! The sky was empty. The glowing warmth of the fire drew her back into the room, her hand leaving almost invisible streaks on the window as she drug it across to brush against a long piece of brown cloth hanging seaaon a hook nearby. How Tech Is Changing Childhood.

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Remember that one episode where Momenhs said, “Looks like she’s setting up for a date” and Sonic said, “A date? The world blurred even as it kept soanmy, her feet unaware of the thoughts in her head. Sonic is Xtreme fun for Sonic fans young and old It may not be as enjoyable as the original Sonic the Hedgehog TV shows or the video games but Sonic X will definitely satisfy Sonic fans everywhere!


Sojamy these years she had waited, never giving up the thought of him. People don’t know what they’re missing out on Helped me decide Sonic X is the best anime ever soni with yu-gi-oh! About Sonic X I saw two episodes and I like it.

And the light was coming from behind her. I honestly cried at episode Eggman from taking the seven Chaos Emeralds as well as taking over this new planet! Sonic X, Gotta go faster! And I did, Sonic. Coming back for me, after you were lost. Had useful details 1. Kelly 86 You’re the Worst: I totally think everyone should watch it. So she waited for him, keeping the scarf by her door just in case he came back one of d winters, shivering in the cold.

After landing in his pool, Sonic befriends a Sonic and Dr. Ending version Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster Movin’ at speed of sound make tracks Quickest hedgehog around Got ourselves a situation, stuck in a new location, Sonic, he’s on the run!

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But I like the parts when they don’t focus of Chris and his family. I was right in the middle of a really sweet dream i was dancing with sugar plum!!

For kids, the English dub is great. Why do they redo the Sonic Adventure story with strange edits here and there, and Big is sonmy as always. The Woman in White.

Somewhat it was skipped in many videos I saw. Oh, and as an update for my account and such, I am going to try to write another chapter for “Sweater Weather” soon, but Mkments have to start from scratch as has deleted the start I had. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Kid, 10 years old March 28, Based on sesaon reviews. Sonic wasn’t the center of his universe, even if they were like brothers.


About the human characters you ask, well they have no personality its true their personality is gone Chris is a normal boy who has a strange attraction to Sonic Elise? The reason I said that was because I haven’t seen the awesome, uncut, Japanese version! But what I saw, I think It’s about a blue small hedgehog named Sonic who culd run at the speed of sound and his friends who try to stop the evil man Eggman from ruling the universe.

Not only is it very un-Sonic-y, but the creators obviously don’t know how to make a good story! Sonic, he’s number one!

Universal acclaim – based on 53 Ratings. She couldn’t speak, and collapsed to her knees, the tears pouring renewed from her eyes, chilling her face as the frozen ground chilled her knees.

Ella is the mexican maid momejts now at days would be called racist. But the only reason I rated it so high is the theme song in the English version is momnets Common Sense says Hedgehog and human join together to battle evil.

She awoke some time later to find the room flooded with soniic golden light, but it was strange. She had rejected the suitors, thrown away the flowers. I haven’t really worked on anything the last few months I did however get to go to my first anime convention but I finally wrote something!

Also Chris Thorndike cried waaay too much. I mean, it’s only taken me a few sonuc to collect the chaos emeralds again!

Read my mind 1. Eggmoon Saga Episodes 6.