The tune is ok, quite catchy, though some of the English lyrics, hmmm, don’t seem so great. Not one to be left out, in walks Se-joo to grab a copy of his own. CaroleMcDonnell December 4, at She’s the only one who means what she says and says what she means, no mincing words, and no idiotic nobility. One of my biggest issues was of course the time-travelling but instead of rehashing that because it will never make sense to me no matter how many brain cells I use on it , I’ll talk about another wtfery. Came back to watch the finale.

Yookyung’s finale was actually the only one that I liked along with Oppa’s. In the future, Ajumma Mi-rae digs up the box that Present Mi-Rae told her about and gave her the key to. The writer should’ve shown the difference between reputation, community shaming and doing something for yourself The parting of ways between Shin and Mirae in the park is also telling. But after a while, you have to man up; and if you still want to be piggy and to let the heroine keep the love of the two rivals, you kill off the girl’s rival so the second lead character can’t rebound to her. So Pandora’s box was able to be connected to both worlds. With that, Ajumma climbs into the elevator and they both shed tears as the doors close between them.

I dont know what to feel, or how to feel or. She wants to work on herself and become a better person. His major regret all these years was about not speaking out in truth about the faulty humidifier story. He was not forced isnopsis leave YBS, far from it, he was offered his dream job and timeslot 9pm Anchor.

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Despite his stubborn thinking that he has to forge his own path and that he tried to push Mi-rae away because he was afraid he would bring her down with him, there are people who are there to put their necks on the line and support him, including Mi-rae. We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain We jumped never asking why We kissed, I fell under your spell.


The possibility that the second lead would have a fair shot at the heroine, even if it was a different timeline was enticing and refreshing. While it was in the ground, it was in a “Schrodinger’s cat” situation.

At least the reactions in viki are hilarious. Whereas in this universe, she will become successful on her own terms and because of her own efforts. Episode 1 Recap Gummimochi said: I feel sorry for Lee Dong Gun since this is his comeback drama, but hopefully both of them will get chances to act in better dramas next time. Apparently quite common in k-dramas. Off courae she will gradually have feelings with sejoo the monent she knew that he is the one who save her life at the beach.

Dody December 5, at 6: In the ajumma’s future, Shin and Mirae went and wallowed and bickered in their misery. This is why although we see a lot of divorced folks in k-dramas, we don’t see a lot of stories where people fall passionately in love through signs and coincidences then after a while they divorce.

She doesn’t need SJ and I’m glad she moved on to better things with a new show. It is now on sale at a lower price. For 15 – 16 episodes, you meddled in their lives. Mi-Rae and Kim Shin had all the time in the world to interact with each other…even in secret like they previously did. Most awesome rationalization ever!

All of those pictures captured the essence of a person family and their joyful memories with each other. DayDreamer December 4, at 7: SeJoo came back after spending 3 years in NYC. We all have similar and different taste. She stood up for herself in the end, refusing to do whatever she used to do with directors, etc.

From now on I will trust all the Korean ahjummas who instinctively know what dramas to avoid. Not to mention the characters stopped behaving characteristically.

I watched up till ep 5. Imagine not sticking around to check if your husband’s actually dead I was so happy Yonghwa was working with her, even if he didn’t get kiss scenes with her, I was hoping he’d be on the sidelines taking notes when she had them with LDG. Such a pity they weren’t allowed to be the fantastic leads in this drama that we know they’re capable of being! Then Shin looks up to report one more scandal as he informs the public about the toxic humidifier sterilizer.


Sinopsis Drama Marry Him If You Dare Episode 1-16 (Tamat)

The basic plot could have been good, but it was like the writer could not make up their mind on which way to go, so it choic up bouncing around into some really dumb tropes at times. So why — even with all that triumph music thundering across the screen do I have this nagging feeling that Mirae’s becoming a “better” person was a result of the emotional scarring she got from Future Mira’s bad news, Miranda’s bad behavior toward her, the station’s gossip, and Yoo Kyung’s “I woulda had him if Future Mirae hadn’t messed 116 my life.

It was about choice and moving forward in your life. And the last photo of the series is Mirae and SeJoo. Here we go Damn Here we go again Loving you has caused me so choicce pain But you don’t see it, you never see it. But after a while, you have to man up; and if you still want to be piggy and to let the heroine keep the love of the two rivals, you kill off the girl’s rival so the second lead character can’t rebound to her.

We as viewers will always have our personal OTP preferences that may differ from the writer. The crew is disappointed and Mi-rae turns thw the broadcast.

But to leave us guessing? Hyongsherain April 30, at 3: Everyone waits expectantly as Shin goes on air, faced with the dilemma to choose between two different scripts.

Shin asks if he was affected by the humidifier scandal, but the older man laughs back: So happy for her. Why do I think that she picked Park Se-Joo?