You are not alone. She got the career, the man, the house, the car, and friends Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Okay, she did that on purpose. You have to be able to give and receive, forgive when necessary, learn when necessary too. Despite the fact that it’s hard moving on after such a difficult experience; hopefully the both of them can honestly make sense of what happened.

And in the end, shouldn’t we be loyal to our heart first? Their situation was just that! Discovery of Romance Favorite. People might call it selfish, but the opposite would be the so-called “noble idiocy” that tends to aggravate people more. LOL what happen to the home page. He realized that ignoring his own uncertainty and Yeo-reum’s aloofness and selfishness did not make for a relationship that could exist and definitely could not move forward in a positive way. Why so little attention?

Thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts on the Discovery of Romance aka Discovery of Love recap threads. August October 9, at 5: But here, the show never implied that anyone would have done what these characters did in different situations.

This drama is such a mess too. Wow, this was definitely a difficult episode to watch, because everyone has pretty much had to give up on their hopes and dreams of love and their futures. Eric does me in like nothing. For me, this show was over the moment Sol and Joon Ho confessed, wore couple shoes, and kissed beautifully – I could not care less what happens to the Tedious Trio. But the few viewers who aren’t enjoying the dramas gave comments like anything.

I look forward to how he changes because he realizes and acknowledges it. Isn’t this how this love triangle was inevitably going to end? Zoe I was waiting to read your thoughts and boy did you deliver again.

Episode 15

How andd let go of the person whom you love and who loves you? I think his eyes can talk. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. It’s not worth the aggravation. But here, each and every lead by the end ultimately said that they reached where they were because of the decisions they tookbecause of decisions they madeand pandda no one was responsible for their choices but them.


Selina October 9, at pnda I grew to despise the three leads. I agree with Sol, she is the best female character in the series. AJ October 8, at 5: I didn’t like Taeha at first but he has grown a lot on me as the drama goes.

I like that they weren’t always nice, sweet, could get through any and everything that life threw at them with a smile and saying “the sun will come out tomorrow. Whoa seul gi is getting a lot of kisses these days.

I think there’s a huge difference between this and Heirs because at least DOR acknowledges that its characters are imperfect, they themselves admit it straight up! I’m cleansing my palate with History of a Salaryman.

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Yes, please don’t watch Temptation. The big lesson or themes I saw in this drama was choice and consequences of said choices. Yeo-reum thinks that she finally got to hold the hand she wanted so badly to hold, and Tae-ha thinks that he will probably never hold this hand again. However I like Tae Ha character too. That’s the ending message I think – to be happy.

Sol and Joon Ho are adorable and their relationship development is satisfying. Wonderful writing, balanced and fun. I also find it contrived and unrealistic. Funny, I find the motivations in this drama the most realistic I have seen in a long time.

This episode we could see Ha Jin and Yeo Reum’s character development as they started to pand what they try to keep is more hurting someone that they supposed to love. I could feel for, understand, and relate to all these characters. You definitely expand the discourse taking place here.


This kind of story can happen to anyone of us. As for Mirae’s Choice what can I say But I am eager to see the actors in other roles! Note to drama producers: I definitely don’t regret my time spent on this one, and clearly the online audience likes it too! Their situation was just that!

I started looking forward to watching the drama more. I curse you Dr. She remains silent, so he gently takes her face in his hands to tilt it up to his, and he tells her that he knows the answer to his question from the night before. How to jedgehog to terms with the fact that the person you are in love with is not as fully invested in the relationship as sinopsix It clicked in his head.

I’m sure the viewers enjoying the drama are much more than the viewers aren’t. Attracting love and giving your heart to someone is not easy. And I hope Tae Ha will discover love again with Yeoreum.

Yeo-reum remembers a time when they were dating when he also encouraged her to enter a competition, presenting her with workspace borrowed from his company so she would have a place to design. He goes in for a really thorough kiss right there in hedghog park, making Sol giggle, go weak in the knees, and take off running.