He is, apart from his wee wittle thumb with the cutesy bandage still wrapped on it. Both Seong-hee and Ah-jin are way too good for him, and yet, I kind of love the way that he and Ah-jin interact with one another. Jae-suk arrives to pick up Ji-hoo, and both Jae-suk and Sung-hee feel an immediate attraction. Looks like Su-ho came armed with Bomb 3 Part 2 as Gun-hee reels in shock — he called off his engagement for her?! Episodes by odilettante. Good episode, I liked the Kang Jae moment, the man child is just so cute. Suspect and daughter-in-law Park Joo-mi Seo Jung-yeon inquires after the new caregiver and suggests that they do a background check, but Ah-jin waves it off, mentioning that Bok-ja sent her resume via email.

She may have needed this kind of withdrawn support earlier in the series, but his confession comes way too late in the game. The comedic timing is pretty good, and the wacky humor is pretty funny. Kang-jae may be my favorite K-drama male lead yet. Keiko was great in her role as the ditzy character Momoko, a woman who was given a strange ability to travel back in time to prevent murders from happening. If you need subs, check the Marriage Plot thread in the soompi forum. Ah-jin receives a call from Joo-kyung, who has good news: Cryptically, we hear Bok-ja narrating over this scene: I’m happy for Sun-hee, even if she did come off as stalkerish at the end.

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An oblivious Ah-jin asks her to bring a copy of her identification card looks like she decided on the background check after alland Bok-ja promises to bring it tomorrow. Police say that there was no DNA evidence found other than gigl from the family.

No one raises their hand, though Kyung-hee tellingly keeps her eyes averted. Eventually Otomo finds out that Momoko was saved by Ryoko, but Momoko who’s on her death bed, is suddenly sent back in time and it’s like the whole thing never happened. Back in the present, Sung-hee receives a delivery from Jae-suk.


Your email address will not be published. GO for it Sun Hee! I guess I’ll wait a little longer, but at least it’s encouraging to hear it referred to as being a black comedy. And just like that, he is officially smitten. Gun-hee finds said puppy at home in the middle of making kimchi. Jae-suk wants to go over to meet the new caregiver, but Ah-jin tells him that she has to let her go because of Joo-mi. I wished they will set up a bit mystery without revealing who has been killed so it will be intriguing.

But maybe they set up it like that so viewers would already expected the death of Bok Ja and won’t surprise us later – so maybe less shock lol.

Rather than hurrying, Bok-ja orders more pig skin and soju. Like Remote, Mop Girl is episodic and involves murder cases. Episodes by LollyPip. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe As interesting as the synopsis is, Moop Girl is another show that’s somewhat mixed for me. Be it gjrl who are starting to fall in love, or those who are scared to start, or those whose love is one-sided, everyone is anxious.

Before she heads inside, Kang-jae asks after her conversation with Su-ho. Jae-suk struggles to find his ball in the rough grass pit he hit it into. Bok-ja asks if she studied art, and Ah-jin says that she studied fashion design.

Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! Both Seong-hee and Ah-jin are way too good for him, and yet, I kind of love the way that he and Ah-jin interact with one another. Gun-hee considers that she probably needed some time alone. After a good hearty laugh, he asks if thoughts of Su-ho are in the mix too. So they hesitate and make excuses. The entire Ahn episdoe family has gathered for dinner.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Even when Bok-ja surprises her by asking if she can live in their house with them, claiming that gidl would make it easier for her to care for her father-in-law, Ah-jin is mo; over by her dedication and agrees.


Just tell me to get lost. Sung-hee asks if Ah-jin has children before offering to give her daughter art lessons. He reaches into his pocket and drops a new ball on the ground, claiming to have found his ball.

The guy deserves to be happy, too. KJ, which pushed his button. So what do I call you now — the Cursing Couple? I only read the recap, but judging based on that, I too am getting Perfect Wife vibes. Please enter your username or email address. When Ah-jin asked what she should do, the fortune teller told her she should change his face, which would change his fortune.

He watches her, then allows his gaze to drift a little lower, toward her bosom. As for my love able Kang Jae!! At the same time, Episodr enjoys some kimchi with makgulli with the general manager, recounting his love for it as well. Woman of Dignity has been a mystery since its promos were first revealed—is it a satirical look at makjang, or is it a pure water-to-the-face makjang in all its dramatic glory?

Joo-mi angrily watches Bok-ja serve breakfast, but Ah-jin leads her away. Nessie June 21, at 3: However, some of Momoko’s development is her trying to make sense of her strange ability and is it ethical gitl use it. In my experience, just before god tests you to your limit, he gives you that kind of gift.

So he feigns pain to avoid giving her an answer and smiles while she pats his sinopsiss to relieve his heartburn. He wakes up as she approaches, and she bends down to help him sit up.