But since I felt the Suzy and Seung gi did the cute well, I wasn’t as annoyed. Finally Kang Chi answers the phone, putting it on speaker. How abt having him die fr syphilis, with open sores, with the disease getting into his brain, w him losing everything he has amazed, leaving him destitute on the street, w everyone he has ever crossed spitting on him? She argues, he does, too, until she says that she wants to be with him. KDaddict June 17, at 9: A very obscure signal, I realize — sorry about that.

KC and YW are cute and everything,but they have never grabbed my heart the way the parents romance did. Retrieved July 3, But how come he is so easily absolved of the crime of taking many innocent lives? Angel Yi June 25, at Oh, geez – there I go again, being so literal! The first love helps you grow up; the last love completes you.

I so hate him. What an awesome ending!!

And cry just as hard the second time around. There were a LOT of elements similar to, if not ripped from Inuyasha in my opinion. You can’t have a heart and like it.

I was crying along with them. I haven’t watched Merlin s4 yet so nothing gets resolved yet? But the light changes and he keeps driving ahead. He turns human and he’s looking for some sign of a miracle but it isn’t happening. What if modern day YW already have a boyfriend? The first was to have dinner with everyone. I found this funny X’D 3. So we wanted that for him. Who were you referring to when you said this, “An endless, hopeless loop. Return of the Jar Fetus. Probably because the parents have much fewer episodes to play out the stakes, but it’s more effective that way.


SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1-24 Episode Terakhir

Bong Chool puts up his hands, but then yells for his guys to run, grabs the bag and bolts. Also these reincarnation ending are basically cheats: Monk said last time that a love that started under that scene was herakhir to YW–it was her fate to die bcos of that love.

Some of our questions were answered, and we now know by the end of the ep. Kang Chi declares that this man must die.

SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1 – 24 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Retrieved June 18, So quick to forget our promises, Gumiho Baby. Kang-chi looms over him: I haven’t read the recap yet but I’ve seen ramily episode RAW.

What, you made your dad a butler?

Probably a lot episkde examples if I felt like taking the time to break down both series and comparing plot points. You can google it to find out more info.


The phone is ringing again. Such a cop out. I love that each episode is filled with a boom of events, I really dislike series that just have fillers yes naruto I’m looking at you. I personally enjoyed the scene that much more because of it, but to each their own.

Thanks for the recap anyway! But what abt all those innocent lives he took? Ma Reum hands Kang Chi some brandy and tells him that the car is ready.