That helps it go down easy. Ok, I got over the YW dying, wasn’t necessary and stupid but I got over it.. His parents had such a moving end to their story and this is the ending the leads get? There will be a lot of fans of GFB who will made their own imagination of the finale. Betsy Hp June 29, at 2: Kang-chi holds her and says she should just hurry up and get better then.

At an intersection, a woman runs past his car in a blur, and it makes him do a double take. I read that manhwa too: This mess had none of these things, and was also crippled with a young, one-dimensional girl but cute as a basketful of kittens! XD Would only be a waste of hard drive space. He counts to three just like the old days, and flashes his pretty green eyes at him before he beats them to a pulp. But since I felt the Suzy and Seung gi did the cute well, I wasn’t as annoyed. Rovi June 26, at Kang-chi thinks in voiceover:

I found this funny X’D 3. All we did was come back around to the romance.

ktuu What exactly is the lesson the writer is trying to tell us? Who were you referring to when you said this, “An endless, hopeless loop. CJH got some recognition as well, which is good. But so much of the emotional payoff I wanted was never delivered.

[Sinopsis] Gu Family Book () | a little book of my life story..

I was expecting they would at least do something to relate about the book, but they just make him live forever and meet everyone in the future? KC helps her just like he did with the little YW. And I actually don’t mind with almost all cast being reincarnated in the same lifetime. What was the point of LSS and Gon at the end?

Truth be told, I wished for an ending that would prove the monk wrong – that is, to have Kang-chi and Yeo-wool’s strong feelings for each other to conquer that damned fate.

SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1-24 Episode Terakhir

S4 winopsis one of my series-favourite moments, and Colin Morgan is brilliant as always. It said error so I re-submitted after reconstructing what I initially wrote. What an awesome ending!!


Back to my thoughts. I actually feel bad for the actors who were given such a sloppy story to portray. Wont that force Wol-ryung to wake up from his sleep? Epiwode is basically a season of filler crap and then a wtf ending.

I cried the whole nyt after watching the final episode.

He’ll wait for her next reincarnation. I wish I could say I cared, but frankly I don’t. That’s when Gon would come in and tell him, he needs his help with a national security thing! Argh, what could have been Too tell you the truth, I didn’t think it was that bad. What is the difference between those two words? Jo Gwan-woong orders his men to kill him, and Kang-chi just lets his green eyes glow and tells them they can live if they drop their swords and walk away.

So it leaves more of a bad taste in the mouth than it would have otherwise. And KC and YW had trusted and accepted each other, only to end up with a worse fate than their parents. I guess most people just didn’t expect this outcome and getting angry because of it.

We only see a man from behind as he showers and gets dressed, and then a close-up of the ring on his finger, and a familiar red shirt hanging in the closet. Also, based on what you said about the manhwathis drama does not sound as original to me anymore as it did at first: He holds her close as he breaks down in tears, and then he narrates: That is probably the only way I will be able to move sinopsks such a horrid ending and remember the good that the show had to offer.

Francis June 25, at 9: Off to read it.

I am so so so SO glad I did not go the same route with this show. They had me again when they showed the future although it could have been more exciting. Also, for some reason, I was more moved by KC saying goodbye to everyone than by YW dying, though I thought it was well acted and well filmed I thought Suzy did really in this ep.


Ok, now I hate the show Just get wol ryung to heal her” is what I was thinking when she was dying. I have a few questions: LizJ June 26, at 1: We spent the rest of the episodes wondering if Kang-chi would ever get to the goddamn book and become human, and then gave up hope that this show would complete anything other than the romance.

I want to be a happy one. Brand not shown either. I’ll watch this right after I watch “Big, Part 2” and “Jin: But it was too bad for the actors to play a role with the script out of the idea OOI like that. I also love the OST, a lot. I don’t regret watching this drama, and being engrossed in it.

Overall I think it was an alright drama. XD Thank you dear javabeans and girl friday for sticking out with the last 2 lacklustre ending episodes, and I really enjoyed reading the recaps over watching the drama sometimes.

In fact, I quite liked their chemistry together. I think the worst the writer did for this drama seems to be that booj out in hard work for that in the beginning that was iutu and kept us on the edge of our seat, so the combination of having such high expectations and the writers carelessness at the end killed it for us. Angel Yi June 25, at Iutu said last time that a love that started under that scene was detrimental to YW–it was her fate to die bcos of that love.