With great acting you capture us, make us participate in the story, sympathize with the wronged; cry when they suffer, smile with them when they are happy. I’m a year late for answering this. I think the manhwa is InuYasha. It feels like the years-later part wipes my tears and informs me that they’re not done yet. I guess most people just didn’t expect this outcome and getting angry because of it. I cant make any sense of this. Moreover, this time Kang-chi was the one who saw yeo-wool under that condition so, I think this time, Kang-chi will be the one who is in danger. In all its bloody and ridiculous glory.

Truth be told, I wished for an ending that would prove the monk wrong – that is, to have Kang-chi and Yeo-wool’s strong feelings for each other to conquer that damned fate. I thought it was a pretty good ending, though I definitely could have gone without ALL the characters being reincarnated. Maybe then we would be able to get rid of the awful taste the last few episodes left on us. Is it really 24 is the last episode? You killed off Yeo-wool, the female lead? I was so disappointed that I thought if we are going to be ridiculous we better go all the way. What happened to the gu family book 4.

LOVED your ending and epilogue!

Gimme an alternate ending please, stupid writer!! This also makes me feel that the writer was an anti of the children because she ended the parent’s story quite satisfyingly.

So, I’m super relieved by the. I never knew a “historical” drama could have so many! Just because it’s blocked out doesn’t mean that ppl can’t find ou t what it is.


SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1-24 Episode Terakhir

That would be a great idea! I did some translates thingy, you know, trying to write yunjong, yunjeong, yonjong, yeonjeong, yeonjong, yonjeong, and only 2 of them have meaning. He counts to three just like the old days, and flashes his rpisode green eyes at him before he beats them to a pulp.

D but IMO, it was rly bad: Hmm, despite its not really good ending.

Gu Family Book (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

Yeowool could’ve totally lived if kang chi had taken the shot 2. Are gumihos and half-gumihos not allowed to find happiness if they fall in love with a human?

Kang-chi gently suggests they go back to her room now, but she wants to stay just a little longer. And it was sweet, sinopsiss cute, and all it needed was a pretty pink bow happy siopsis to satisfy us. There is a gumiho with nine tails run to them and calls: Maybe then we would be able to get rid of the awful taste the last few episodes left on us. Really really, promise promise.

Angel Yi June 25, at Whenever I break that rule, I always regret it. This is the worst drama ending Drrama ever seen! If they made everybody came alive again, why there is no WR-SH? A close shave for me – I very nearly watched it as it aired, but life conspired to make me have no time. But this—trying to turn Kang-chi into one of those iconic in-every-generation heroes in the eleventh hour—was gh so poorly. I always hate the glaring contest endings. Angel Yi June 26, at Kang-chi strangles him as he bleeds, growling that a useless human like him needs to die.


Like come on, guy loses girl kikyo guy lives for a while longer, then guy meets new girl kagome So is she going to die again in sinosis timeline? Off to read it. What you sacrifice for that fancy surprise twist ending is that you went there on your own and left us all behind.

KDRAMATIZED: [Link] Sinopsis Gu Family Book Episode 22 – Complete

Well because I failed reload the drama: I don’t really know again well XD. Argh, what could have been Obviously, the whole half-demon trying to become human quest for the human woman they love.

I have the same rule too! Also, for some reason, I was more moved by KC saying goodbye to everyone than bokk YW dying, though I thought it was well acted and well filmed I thought Suzy did really in this ep. Anthony would rather die in the bike crash then deliver this final tape.

But… I wanted to SEE that. Aish, the side characters other than GW were soo underused.