Top it off with his adoptive mother already rejecting him once and SC not knowing if she might do it again if she felt shamed enough with others knowing, and I can see why SC would react badly to SW telling another person and it getting back to his mother that others know. Maidenelle August 9, at 8: I am completely surprising myself with this obsession! What was up with Arnold? Unlike other shows, Monstar maintains its stand to giving us a heartwarming drama about a group of high school students. Seol-chan chases her outside, but runs into a throng of fangirls. For the most part, this episode felt like a waste of both time and plot advancement.

In doing this, she’s focus on another idol. I have no clue. Qua Trang August 6, at 2: He distances himself, let just say. I think the main problem is that they should never have introduced them in the first place. Having said that, i’ve never been an Eun Ha fan so maybe I just never expected anything of her anyway. I’m so glad to have made the decision to finish this series.

And it makes sense to me why a year-old Seolchan will be so upset with year-old Sunwoo. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Of course, my mindset could still be stuck in the good ol’ days of School epic-bromance. Let me know if you’d like a version without the filtering of the transformation sounds or even just an original copy with the talking during the song kept in. Sometimes I hate realism in dramas. There’s no time to sort out Eun Ha’s family problems.

DuchessRhea August 8, at 3: It cracks me up to realize that this is a world where the adults and other authority figures mostly fell in line to the 1 by the end of the series and other minor appearances help to bookend the series.

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It was an absolute legal mess, and although Ajusshi was found non-guilty, his life had spiraled into ruin. Things like Se-yi defending Kyu-dong by her singing, or Sun-woo and Seol-chan playing the piano together.

Let me live in my crazy world where I try to create OTP’s with anything that breathes. I’m okay with an open end when a drama feels finished. For him to encapsulate his feelings for Se-yi in an original song with lyrics of a longing to be her jjak. Actually, while I didn’t like him at first, I realized that it was just acting, and he was playing a very immature person who can’t say pretty much anything of what he means.


Let me just throw in my 2 cents by saying I would’ve partt to have seen that drama. Please enter your username or email address. I liked that the show didn’t stoop to that level. The kids including All for One gave their best at their performance which is more important. Moreover, although it feels like we were finally privy to this information, it also feels like we were hoodwinked into thinking that we learned quite a lot while still withholding certain key pieces to the puzzle.

Seol-chan silently wipes a tear from her eye. Even if Mnet was to make a new series my guess is that it will feature a entire new cast of characters. The show should of been Junhyung was marvellous in the scene with the mom apologising. Colors August 6, at Mar July 29, at His detached air is practically making me go bonkers. He appears all grown up on the outside, and because of his mother he has to be or at least thinks so but seriously, on the inside epixode is just as much a teenager as the rest of the bunch.

That was just a light-hearted comment on how siopsis Sun-woo looked in the t shirt not actual character analysis.

He asks if Seol-chan finds his busy idol schedule tiring. Requiem July 29, at My personal feeling is that they left it until very late to bring out Eunha’s issue to begin with ep 10 and that now indeed they are doing a patchy job with resolving them. Can anyone tell me the title of the song produced by ahjussi because i’ve heard it several times but cannot put my fingers on the details of it and it has been driving me nuts. Both teams prepare for the battle, and Sun-woo cracks a smile after Nana brushes past him.

What else is that even Jae-rok looks surprised by her bratty tirade.

Sinopsis Bride of the Century All Episode

I may be judging it too harshly and maybe Eun-ha’s admiration for Arnold won’t be as unhealthy as her fixation on Seolchan was, but I’m not sure He is like someone who has to do all the grunt work and the member who must ‘babysit’ the leader’s pagt.


Do-nam rocking the drums and his repaired friendship with Kyu-dong 3. I dont know, i really dont feel he was being ‘assy’. Fangy August 6, at 2: They sing together as a collective voice, a band united as one. XD Guys, it’s really a trope.

It just dawned on me yesterday where I saw the actor who played Sun Woo before — and he shows lots of muscles in that show too — To The Beautiful You — as the athletic challenger to the male lead.

I have so much hope for this kdrama, at the beginning, I was kinda hoping to fall in love again the way I did with Reply I just don’t really buy that Seol-chan is so distant with his Mom after more than 10 years living with her.

But yes, if he doesn’t personally emotionally connect with the music, then I think it would be hard for the audience to connect with him. He asks if they sinopssi. He correctly takes her silence to mean she met with Sun-woo, and then teasingly accuses her of being a player.

But- yeah, I just think it’s a tragedy of timing: I’m not trying to excuse his behaviour- Na Na said it herself, he was definitely a jerk. His seriousness takes her by surprise, however, and she instinctively backs away as he pleads with her to darma him. She’s a teenage fangirl, that’s exactly what teenage fangirls do.

But he chose to speed down the road and got into a car accident with a young woman who died, who siinopsis a company trainee.

I like that the stories are being told as the writer and director must have wanted it to be told. My subs say that Nana knew he just didn’t want to show his sinlpsis to Seyi and upset her – he couldn’t make her cry even though she rejected him.