The print on the fabric was amazing. The judge — the inquirer — centralized in his hand all procedural acts, and he himself collected all material pointing to conviction, but also to the defence of the accused, and he alone also made the decision in the matter. Quillene Petite October 19, at 3: The escape Episode 8 summary: Personally, I don’t really care that they ever kissed. Fran October 18, at The Queen Mother refuses to see the Royal physicians, and so the King personally takes the medicine to her.

Whoever said in the previous recap about the robes switching. Businesses are shut down, and a whole village outside the capital is quarantined. Production team, you have done well. So I’m guessing Yeong is giving her time, before wooing her into marriage, I’m sure. The King orders Jung Nan Jung arrested. I was a few weeks late myself, but this show was so winsome I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to join in on the community, so I stopped lurking and jumped into comment. At the Palace, something happens to the King. She gives Chun Doong and his minions different responsibilities.

When I saw her, I cheered and applauded so loudly that I’m sure my neighbors heard me.

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Im sad about YS but the drama ends as close zinopsis perfection as can be. It was in one of the episode, she and her mother were hiding in Teacher Dasan’s house, and he kept it secret from the officials who came looking, clearly they weren’t related by the exchange there.

Quality and direction of light Photojournalism A collective sigh of relief from all Sancheezy’s emoji tables at today’s happy ending!

Anh October 19, at 1: Is my mother the King of this country? As it is, she is now free to make her life however she wants it to be, and to find a more fulfilling and loving relationship in the future.

Hayeon is the best bet for actual marriage to the crown prince. Ya Ya Kim Seul Gi cameo was the best! Right from the beginning episode, he went on saying that life was boring and was trying to find solace in painting. The confrontation Episode 9 summary: Tae Won and Ok Nyeo try their best to convince a suicidal and bitter young inmate in Jeonokseo to accept help from the legal officers.

But now that thigns settled, the Kim is no longer in power, she can be free from wanting to be his pillar of support. I got the same vibe from the lines about payment. Not everything was happy, of course, considering how Yoon-sung died, but on the whole the episode fulfilled its role as a finale and provided closure to most of the big plot conflicts.


Now that wouldn’t have that much impact because that’s his in the first place. Love his voice and take on the song.

Video below has no English sub, but the actions speak for wpisode. The King again tells Ok Nyeo about his plan to protect her by making her a court maid and a Royal Consort later on. The baby will just be a low rank princess, probably same rank as Princess YeongEun she is called Ongju instead of Gongchu since Gongju is for princess from the Queen. The ritual Episode 28 recap: We hheirs that a covenant marriage is for life.

She says she wanted to give birth to a boy, even if through faking it, and had a reason other than the obvious one of providing an heir: She then orders her men to kill Ok Nyeo. It let the air out of the scene, for me anyway, and disappointed me that people couldn’t grasp thae fact that this is a young woman that works as an actress, and is playing the part of a, by this time 20 yr old at least woman-she was 18 for the longest time everytime they looked for her, then they said a yr passed, so she was at least nearing it or more!

Ok Nyeo does extremely well in martial arts and the interview, but she fails to qualify for the Police Bureau. The King visits the ailing Queen Mother in her quarters; while there, he remembers his youthful days as a King with the Queen Mother acting as regent.

Change of fortune Episode 7 summary: However, I will not hope for season 2 because there must be a lot of political and historical hardship and pains to happen.

The King tells the Ming envoy that he can return home only if he reveals his dealing with Lord Yoon and the ministers. Before she can tell anything else, Ok Nyeo and her group come to rescue her. I did think it flagged a bit in that last regard toward the end, but its best scenes were so well-crafted that even now they make my breath catch in the same places, every time.

Also, maybe, Yeong was being respectful to Ha Yeon’s support and friendship by not jumping into marriage with Ra On right away. What a fun surprise to see her in that final eunuch scene!

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OMG, knowing that Sunday was going to bring Monday has been so exciting for me I hope this will be a great turning point in both their careers and bring them more great work. But I wish to be with you. Joseon had an even more sophisticated system, in which petty civil and criminal cases were handled by local heads of administration, while the governor of each province took care of the appellate cases in addition to the first instance trials of serious criminal cases.


No wonder I love it when the moon is surrounded by the clouds.

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Jung Nan Jung wants revenge for her huge financial loss, and so she connives with someone from Jeonokseo. You just sealed MDBC and this group of awesome human beings in my heart!

I so hated her everytime she was putting Ra-on in danger to get to Yeong but I couldn’t help feeling for her when she was walking episods from her baby with her face so conflicted, and her conversation with prime minister Kim when she said all she wanted was to be acknowledged ghe him, that was sad!

He turns scathing epieode on the queen, asking if she has ordered the child killed, and orders them to set the baby down, saying that even criminals are full of defenses and protests when accused of crimes.

The loving gazes of YeongOn are just real and make me feel so in the moment that my feels are just too strong. And thanks for always responding to my thoughts, it’s so lovely to hear things from your perspective!

Boy probably couldn’t wait a second longer, but being the gentleman he is, he had to honor Ra-on’s wish to stay outside of episoee for a bit longer. My heart is full and in this episode so many people got to be heroes: After that, I did not care about them kissing.

I can’t get him out of my mind! And Ra-On bravely and secretly helping her. The kiss scene was beautiful, sooo beautiful! Also the opening scene already there, no need to re-show it. Sinopsiis prime minister accuses her of teaching the prince about ruling without accounting for class and rank. In a bookshop, Ra-on puts out a new book on display: They are borth so talented as well as the supporting kkrea

I will return to you and the prince.