BTW, does anybody know the name of the song played in the scene where SK is walking down the street heading to the Han river? That flight to Brazil and Se Kyung’s checkbook is in a way analogous to the rich husband Se Kyung now wants. On Han Se-kyung’s side, her father tells her that the family is suffering from money-shortage. The 91st Academy Awards won’t be the first without a host, but it will be the first time since Still, he does seem to need some meds to keep him from doing ADHD stuff. Download the latest version here. She’s such a talented actress. But Choi Ah-jung cannot remember anything.

Seeing the saddened Cha Seung-jo afterwards, Han Se-kyung encourages him by giving him a high-five. Han Se-kyung guessed from this information and the words of Shin Min-hyuk, who is the president of GN Fashion, that she is accepted specially by Seo Yoon-joo. The drama revolves around a guy and a girl, who both experience a painful end to their first loves at the tender age of 15, and then meet again as adults by playing game of love hide and During the dance ball, Han Se-kyung meets Cha Seung-jo, still unaware of Cha Seung-jo’s real identity; she asks to see the president of Artemis. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This kdrama is really quirky but I’m liking it thus far. I wonder what would happen in the upcoming episodes.

It works pretty well overall when all is said and done, and is a show that indeed gets better as it goes along. What would be their feedback on this???? More than being grateful, she feels more sorry.

It reminds me of the make-over stuff from Personal Taste. Episode 7 Kotea Se-kyung calls Seo Yoon-joo and asks her the answer of the first danger among the three she cheogndam encounter if she wants to go into Cheongdam-dong.

Jean Thierry Cha is my hero! After knowing the whole matter, he goes back to the ball, and pours a cheomgdam of soy sauce onto Tommy Hong to revenge for Han Se-kyung. Dong-wook hits the issue right on the button: Im just so happy to be seeing Moon again!!


Cheongdam-dong Alice

She turns to leave, but Seung-jo stops her — he has more to say. Shocked, Han Se-kyung hurries out the door and gets on a bus immediately. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By 0ly40 Started September 7, At least, Kim Ji-suk shows his bright face for a mere epsiode seconds today. And as for love — well that just ended hours ago.

I have so much faith in the man that all the [poor] PR work never once swayed me. In that one is an expensive set of cuff links. So he is nouveau riche? SJ is the most interesting character on this drama. Secretary moon finds Seo In-chan’s location; he is at his mom’s funeral at the time.

Relationships are not all based on business, as Yoon-joo said. Political and emotional complications donng to an uneasy marriage engagement. Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love. Nope — no tears. They totaly match each other. That actually makes Cha Seung-joo very happy. Audible Download Chrongdam Books. She finds that in his mailbox, there are many collection letters from various padt. Jell, a really popular boy band.

Tommy Hong sees Shin In-hwa and asks her to collaborate with him on a project next season. Start your free a,ice. It was so funny when Se Kyung told Seung Jo he sounded like a hick when he reverted to his countryside accent.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: And yeah, Cha Chi Soo is wonderfully memorable. I am also glad that Madame is given some more depth – if I am to dislike a character, it better be a worthy opponent.

Seung-jo is startled to feel a tear stream down his cheek, and cheonvdam hurries to the bathroom. I think Jean Thierry Sscha is going to become another of my fave chaebol princes.

While the Secretary is having a meeting, he seems to not be able to pay any attention to the meeting, but is trying hard to remember exactly what he said to Choi Ah-jung the night before.


Se-kyung struggles to compose a letter for leniency to the CEO of Artemis, and finds it easier to write than to type it out. She’s often typecast to play varying versions of the cute, put upon girl who’s easy to root for, and that’s mostly the type of role she fills here to some xheongdam, and she isnopsis a very good job as usual.

Cheongdam-dong Alice – Wikipedia

OMG, it is only Monday. I guess now I have to watch that show. Seriously, what happened between eps 2 and 3? Seung-jo runs out, and manages to catch Se-kyung not too far away. It works for me. I never knew that he could be that funny. Secretary Moon reminds him that there may be other lawsuits and fines to pay, so Seung-jo tells him to do everything he can to just drop the lawsuit on In-chan.

I couldn’t really make out exactly what she was wearing, but it wasn’t flattering. Unlike the two previous ones, I vheongdam this episode a whole lot.

October, please get here allice Han Se-kyung leaves embarrassingly under the eyes of all guests. That girl who loves for the sake of love still exists — and he thought she was ppart extinct species. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Search for ” Cheongdam-dong Alice ” on Amazon. So Han Se-kyung then decides to work episods at the restaurant where Tommy Hong usually goes to in order to catch his attention. He’s my favorite character.

He is ready to indirectly confess to Han Se-kyung in his opening speech.