Resync from elderman by Norther and jasonnguyen from addic7ed. All Stars Season 3 by designer Irina Shabayeva. The Simpsons ‘ twenty-fifth season began airing on Fox on September 29, , and ended on May 18, The Simpsons S28E22 – Dogtown. Simpsons 03x02Mr Lisa Goes to Washington [rl-dvd]. Brooks , Matt Selman , and John Frink serve as executive producers. Lisa makes friends with a new girl in school, who turns out to be a conservative Republican a George W. Lisa discovers that Sideshow Bob has become the chief scientist of a massive chemical engineering company, but the two of them bond over their appreciation for high-culture.

Meanwhile, Homer tries to bring back the annual 4th of July fireworks display after it’s canceled for budget reasons. Meanwhile, Bart defends Nelson’s decision to wear his mother’s underwear, and ends up part of a bully gathering a la The Warriors. Earlier it’s uploaded in wrong season. Retrieved January 7, With the Light Blue Hair. Resynced and reworked the subtitle for easier reading. This page was last edited on 4 January , at Brooks , Matt Selman , and John Frink serve as executive producers.

The Simpsons S14E15 – C.

Simpsons Season 15 Episode Kent Brockman regrets not taking a job as a cable news anchor. She then thinks about changing him. The Simpsons [18×21] 24 Minutes. Use the HTML below. Downloaded 75 GB season just to extract the subtitles and upload them here. The Simpsons – 11×09 – Grift of the Magi. In this season, Homer sells his Mapple stock to buy a bowling ball; Marge blames herself and Kiss for Bart’s rebellious streak ” Four Regrettings and a Funeral ” ; Lisa becomes a cheerleader for Springfield’s football team; and Homer delivers a baby ” Labor Pains “.


The kids begin heckling them and the assembly devolves into a disaster. Glenn Close and Edwin Moses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

BrooksSubbtitles Selmanand John Frink serve as executive producers. The Simpsons S7E24 – Homerpalooza. Burns gives his workers Google Glass -style computer glasses so he can spy on them, but Homer gives the glasses to Marge, and discovers that Marge has been going to therapy to discuss her life. At the school assembly, Principal Skinner presents a skit about living history.

Archived from the original on An FBI agent helps Lisa solve the mystery of why Homer’s personality has changed after attending a nuclear plant convention. When I finished simpsoons, I just sat there feeling: She decides to auction it off when it appears to be valuable, but it turns out to be a forgery. The Simpsons S26E6 – Simpsorama. Edit Did You Know? Retrieved November 20, That’s the kind of thing you could be learning right now.

To combat the poor quality of today’s movie theaters, Homer and Bart begin to illegally download movies and exhibit them in a makeshift theater in the backyard, but Homer ends up arrested when Marge sends the FBI a check and an apology note. The Simpsons S5E14 – Lisa vs. The Simpsons S6E10 – Grampa vs.

Archived from the original on October 29, The Simpsons S28E22 – Dogtown.


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This upload is my first custom release! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Simpsons – Eighth Season The Simpsons S27E3 – Puffless.

The Simpsons S 17E 2. Properly synced with YIFY release of the first season. This pack includes all non-hearing impaired subtitles.

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Resync from elderman by Norther and jasonnguyen from addic7ed. Earlier it’s uploaded in wrong season. After Martin beats her to the punch using her first idea, Marie Curie, Lisa changes her speech to one on Homer. Season 17 All 22 Episodes Arabic.

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Add the first question. Marge buys a painting at a yard sale. The Simpsons S22E21 – Keys. Retrieved October 9, The Simpsons Complete 1st Season.

Start your free trial. The Nightmare After Krustmas The. Lisa’s goes viral, so much so that Homer is called to referee games in the World Cup in Brazil. Bart is plagued with guilt when he wins the annual “last day of school” race around Springfield Elementary, with an assist from Sjmpsons, who beats up frontrunner Milhouse.