The couch is forced to support itself by stripping and selling its body after being thrown out of its apartment and nearly commits suicide by throwing itself in a garbage truck, only to be rescued by Homer. The mosaic falls apart and reveals Homer and Bart strangling each other in tuxedos. The Simpsons then sail over to the Flanders’ castle, fight them for the couch, and return with the couch and Ned Flanders’ chopped corpse. In the first episode to air after Donald Trump won the United States presidential election in , Bart writes “Being right sucks”, a reference to the episode ” Bart to the Future ” where Lisa succeeds Trump as Commander-in-Chief. The couch wakes up, shaves, has breakfast, rides a subway, clocks in outside of the Simpsons’ back door, and takes its place as everyone runs in and sits on it. The hands then pull out the paper to reveal a chain shaped like the rest of the Simpsons family members. It also became the second highest-rated broadcast among adults aged 18—49, being exceeded only by the Family Guy episode which received a 2. On the big screen!

Homer murmurs “What the–?! He then holds his hand out for a tip and leaves angrily when he doesn’t get it. The Simpsons chase after the couch through the articles on The Springfield Shopper. Maggie shoots off a Tommy gun. The family leaps into the room, all dressed in white karate uniforms and black belts. Retrieved 30 October Spritz Goes to Washington “.

He says, “I’m too fat! Back in the Simpsons’ new home, Marge is settling in well and happily plants her new garden. Homer is carrying the Stanley Cup with Maggie the only one who isn’t hurt sitting in the bowl. Baby Gerald tries to kill them and Maggie stops him and all four of gab fly off into the sunset. Homer and the rest of the family sit on the couch as Flanders leaves. The sequence opens as usual with movement through cumulus clouds, while a 3-eyed crow flies by.

The family climbs on top of the other, forming a totem polewith Homer at the bottom and Maggie on top. The Belchers look inside the restaurant at Homer.

In the episode, the Simpsons discover that the inhabitants simpxons Springfield have grown tired of them and have secretly decided to throw them out of the city. The family, dressed as bruised and beaten hockey players Marge, Bart, and Lisa each have a missing tooth while Homer has a missing tooth and a black eyeskate around the couch as “Charge! The Simpsons season 3.


Homer is a jack-in-the-box from 8F02Bart is a mutant fly from 5F02Marge is a witch also from 5F02and Maggie is an alien from AABF01 ; Lisa, an axe murder victim the only one not based on a previous episodecomments on the lackluster Halloween special hosted by Kang and Kodos “What do aliens have to do with Halloween?

The man eats the cupcake and walks off as the banner falls on the disappointed family.

The last chord to the Beatles song, ” A Day in the Life ” plays instead of the traditional Simpsons music as the family comes in, standing front and center and dressed in Sgt. They are soon arrested, identified in a line-up, and executed on an electric couch. The couch is outside a prison wall. Knives are hurled at the Simpsons’ heads, but hit the wall.

The living room is blocked by a laser security system. In Bart’s chalkboard gag, the school is now orange with purple accents instead of lavender. The whole scene is 500hh Simpsons rendition of The Beatles ‘ Sgt. A medieval tapestry based on the famous Bayeux Tapestry shows Ned Flanders and his family stealing the Simpsons’s couch. In a parody of Wacky Racesthe Simpsons race against many characters all with bizarre racing vehiclesbut all of them crash near the finish line and Grampa wins.

The camera then pans across Springfield and then cuts to the driveway scene. After the switch to HD production, Lisa has also occasionally performed her solo on an instrument other than the saxophone. The Simpsons rise from the agg as it cooks. The camera then zooms through a window of the school where Bart is doing the chalkboard gag which is “I will not illegally download this movie”, a dpisode to piracy before quick-fading to the popular 90s band Green Day who are hosting a concert at Lake Springfield, playing their couuch of ” The Simpsons Theme “.

The camera zooms out to reveal a live-action scene taken from the episode ” Hazard Pay ” of Walter White and his partner Jesse Pinkman sitting on a couch drinking beer 500ht watching the sequence on a TV. We then cut to green alien versions of the family sitting on a futuristic floating couch in a futurized version of the living room.


The Simpsons opening sequence – Wikipedia

Burns, he screams and swallows the phone. Plopper the pig is also featured for the first time in the series, during the couch gag and Coucg refers to him as ocuch summer love. The opening sequence for the first season showed Bart stealing a “Bus Stop” sign; whilst the new sequence featured him skateboarding past several characters who had been introduced during the previous season.

Sideshow Bob Kent Brockman Mr. Shocked by her newfound assertive personality, Wiggum, Eddie and Lou immediately lower their guns. Coucn Relativity style environment with multiple staircases and conflicting perspectives; the family enters from various directions and dimensions and sits.

The Simpsons Sideshow Bob episodes. The family members mostly appear as they have in previous Halloween episodes: Unlike the couch gag from that episode, the Simpsons are shown racing through New York City to get to Letterman’s studio, David Letterman guest stars as himself, and Letterman actually speaks to the family. The Simpsons season 23 episodes American television episodes.

Retrieved February 8, Homer, saddened by how depressing the future is and incapable of returning to the past as the remote has disappeared says “D’oh” sadly. The couch is replaced by a giant microwave. The zygote then divides multiple times, forming a Mr.

At Long Last Leave/Gags

A mobile is above the couch. Retrieved February 16, The family safely lands on the couch, except for Homer, whose legs have been bitten off and are now in the mouths of two sharks. The camera zooms out to reveal that the family and the living 500gh are part of a zoo exhibit on Kang and Kodos’s home planet, Rigel IV.

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