Energie, Ki; Ki nnem. Caniveau, Abong a si. Orgelet, Djos ou djor. Nocturne, Ejoum ja khu a- louse. Emour a jou, l’homme qui vole. A good candidate for storytelling. It also has some similarities with Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame in terms of the characters but the plot is totally different.

A nto, il fut. Hydropique, Emour a kon nkem. Asile, Voum ba gnie ou nie bour; ba vole bour. Pensant, Emour a simiza. Nivellement, Akoum ba koum si nti mbori. Anoblissement, Agoume ba goume mour. Meurtrir, Eyire mour n’a- bira. Consultation, Asile ba sile.

Infamant, Ejoum ja bo os- hon.

Our book club, “Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books” will read this book in May and will pick one of its stories for storytelling movue a group of children from the depressed areas in the City of Manila.

Who will truly break the curse?

Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang

Buanderie, Nda ba yam bitou. Initial, Ejoum ja tare. Parcimonieux, Emour a ne aku ; akark. Comment a-t-il fait cela?


Manufacture, de tissus, Nda ba bo bitou. Cocotier, Eli mbang ntan- ghe. Lacet, Nkol ba kark. Pli, Anirk ou Agnirk. Farceur, Emour a bo oya. Ballot, Efougha; Mbom ; de fill, Mbom bitou.

#ParangNormal Activity Gang Goes to Baguio City

Abordage, Alara mal ma lara. Auxiliaire, Emour a vole; Mvole. Lamenter, Eyi dhou; — seEyi, v. Garnement, Mou mbi; E- mour a ne nzang.

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Search for a book to add a reference. Je vous rends votre canot tel quel. Voyez eyen pour les autres temps. A ne gnoul naseng! DirectNatsing ; chemin —Nzen natsing; Ekigha nzen.

K.D. Absolutely’s review of Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang

Mokon, pied de bananier. Est-ce que Dieu voit tout? As of today, the movie’s fate is uncertain. Fracasser, Ethourk; Eb- vourk; Etsibe. Plat, Nti mbori; nayaza: Ebia bioum, le bien d’autrui. Calme, Evouvou; Mvoghe; homme —. Migraine, Okon nnou; Nnou wa shim.

Chantier, Voum ba yenye bioum. Concentration, Alare; A- fork. Componction, Ngnian nnem; Mishim mi nnem.


Assujettissement, Adhoule etcv. Effiler, Edhoure fona; minsi. Cable, Nkhoul ou Nkol nen v. Eeosser, Etaghe oshang ; Ebi.

Postulant, Emour a sile sile. The young man helps an old woman, who rewards him with a magical violin. A ngagha, il est encore. Assommant, Ejoum bour ba vor.

Orteil, Onou nome abo. My only comment is that this could scare small children if read during the storytelling. Contrarier, Ebo njourk; Ekam, v. Epervier, filet, Mviza; oi- seau, Obi.