I stayed away from all the reviews so I was not warned of this beforehand. The reason why I don’t consider Warner an outright misogynist is an incredibly nuanced and long discussion, but the difference between him and, say, a Colleen Hoover character is that while Warner is saying and doing problematic things, he is also being cast in a problematic light. From Adam to Juliette and Warner they are all very good characters with very well-defined personalities. The last novella practically tore me to pieces. It’s set on a dying Earth but why and how it’s dying are incredibly vague. It’s only fair he gets one.

Yeah, that was basically this. Juliette feels totally realistic. I can’t fucking wait for this little novella. I love the way the author has her repeating sentences two or three times to herself or in her little notebook. But I’ve sort of accepted that book one is always going to be slightly uncomfortable to reread just because of the fact that so much has changed by book 3 that this is almost cringe-worthy. The third book in the series, Ignite Me, was published on February 4, Juliette has been in captivity for just under a year when she accidentally killed a boy by touching him. He may not act as it would please us, readers, but his love for James was what saved his character in this novella for me.

I can admire his loyalty to James.

Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #) by Tahereh Mafi

I already knew that Warner was more supportive and accepting than Adam. So, without further ado, here are my notes: View all 26 comments. Juliette synopeis to convince Taheteh that the only way she will trust him is if he disables the cameras in her room.


View all 13 comments. If you didn’t like Adam, it’s okay not to read it. It was a stressful reading experience, definitely, but all the stress I felt was pent-up through the heroine, Juliette. Also the love triangle is very eye rolling.

Oh, darn, did I miss the point of the strikethroughs? If you’re sick of mafii and never want to read one ever again, make an exception for this one. Jan 11, Haleema rated it did not like it Shelves: Adam has tattoos and muscles but Warner is also hot in a I-will-kill-you kind of way.

And I gotta say, It’s Ula Blog of Erised. Views Read Edit View history. I love the guys in this book. Now look at this: I mean, I feel like shattter kind of goes without saying how I feel about it but ya know. A youth reviewer for the National Post recommended it highly, stating that it had “just the right amount of action to make it thrilling, but not exactly gruesome.

He was undercover, used as a test to see if she was insane.

Fracture Me

Shatter Me is the wynopsis in a quartet. She escapes again, hunts down the building where Adam was taken and uses her power to claw through a steel door. He wasnt even a little torn up about it.

They just seemed to stick in these roles throughout the novel – leaving little for character growth. This reminded me of Article 5 in that the dystopia was there to make the romance interesting.

She is taken to Warner, the leader of Sector 45 who has an offer for Juliette. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. At first, Juliette is afraid of him especially after he takes her bed and blanket, leaving her to sleep on the floor. But then you shattr protected her when she needed protection.


Refresh and try again. Edit before there were a blurb or a name and the world was a happier place: To tahere it, click here. He reminds Juliette of someone, but she convinces herself that it is not possible that Adam is that person.

Her thoughts, eccentric and detailed as they are, are coping mechanisms. You will either love it or hate it depending on how you feel about prose but if you love it than O. It’s towards the last few pages that the book takes the “X Men” route. So, surprisingly, this book wasn’t as shitty as the first time I read it. View all 10 comments. Videos About This Book. Between YA and bodice-rippers, I read more “bad” books than most elitist snobs will see in their entire lifetime. Also, the strike-outs may become a teensy-bit annoying to some readers.

Aaron Warner AndersonJames Kent. Apr 06, Trisha marked it as to-read. Try to keep my organs from falling out.

Shatter Me

I like her like a lot,she cries much,and she literally has a million chances to kill people she wants to kill but doesn’t,but god she is beautiful. I was really surprised on how things went down in here.

Is this book any good? His father is synopsus commander-who bombed the Omega Point and killed a lot of people. I find both of the guys intrig 4 stars!