Go and get her. Get into my hand! Why did you beat me? How are my plans, buddy? Your father adopted each village and helped people. The moment l bring your brother, you must get us married next moment. Patient is struggling, observe.

Thousands of people are living, trusting me. Pull her hair up. A Muslim boy marrying a Christian girl in Hindu tradition in foreign, it’s pinnacle of glory of lndian traditions. How the are flying! Okay to me too. At the most he may get fever.

But l’m not affected with that disease. What did she say?

He has married her mvie taking any dowry. Oh Sivaiah is standing, please get him a chair to sit. Why are you hiding love? Darling, please don’t tell. You’re dogs for not knowing the value of human lives. Though don’t know how to hold a racquet, you managed it well.

Same place your photo will appear as severely beaten lndian boy. Tomorrow l’m getting engaged.


Her dance is tantalizing One more word about him, l’ll cancel this marriage. No, it could be life term. Wait, sankam call him. Your eyes turned red.

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Why did you make him sign? The fire in your eyes Your justice, judgement, truth Give the phone to brother. Cut the line, man! A beautiful lie played by youth is making me restless Friendship is life and it’s eternal You may have escaped from there, one step forward and you’ll die. She says okay to 2 persons also, fix her. Why do you want to give me a lift? People were orphaned without a saviour. Festivities galore for it No, don’t tease son-in-law.

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World turned colourful suddenly She’s an epitome of beauty Are you thinking who this boxing coach like man is? He husband died long back. You gave the address, thanks aunty. Will the train come on time?


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By the way, did you pay you bill? What makes you so brave?

Sivaiah, come and fall at my shanjam. Why haven’t you waken him up? Say ‘l love you’. Why he is badly hurt? Let her come, my hot chilly! Traffic must clear out on city roads, rivers of blood must flow on roads Okay, l know how to take her.

Won’t you wish my love to bloom? Enter the battlefield, buddy!

You said your sister is great sports woman. He’s waiting to tell you something.