Brendon goes to family therapy with Andrew and Linda to learn “gentle talk. Coach McGuirk, meanwhile, plays big brother to a student who is prone to sickness. Shannon returns to the school, after having discovered that Fenton, hired by Brendon to take care of lighting, sent in a false report on him to get him suspended after Shannon insulted Fenton’s stage hand ability and performs the climactic number, followed by Coach McGuirk driving his car on stage in the final act to sing, despite the fact he cannot leave his car and his lines are unheard over his engine. What’s more, she discovers an odd motif that runs through every film. The boyfriend wasn’t all that funny either, except when he was talking to Brendon. In an interview for the local news, the anchor asks Brendon about his family, which triggers a sudden curiosity about his dad.

Archived from the original on March 29, Coach McGuirk gives Brendon some valuable golf advice: That’s what Homer Simpson does now. It’s hard enough for Brendon to accept that his mother is going on a date, but couldn’t she have picked a guy other than Coach McGuirk? Paula and Brendon had the most interesting lines but nothing really got going anywhere because of the weak subject material and limited character interaction. The series followed the adventures of 8-year-old aspiring filmmaker, Brendon Small, who writes, directs, and stars in homemade film productions that he creates with his friends Melissa Robbins and Jason Penopolis. Adelberg, Walter and Perry.

Can Brendon bring peace to the warring factions? Paula’s side-story was up to the task, but not remarkable.

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They got boring quick. Of course the man boobs were gross, especially when they died. Brendon is trying to finish his undersea epic about the Mighty Septopus, but Fenton Mewly’s prima donna fits keep getting in the way. Brendon, Jason, and Melissa attend a performing arts camp where they learn that they actually know very little about the performing arts. Brendon is chosen to direct the school musical “Bye Bye Greasy”.


Adelberg, Walter and Perry. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The rest was great. But the collaboration setopus a few bugs. Meanwhile, Brendon gets invited to spend the weekend with Fenton, whom he didn’t even know he was friends with.

The kids make family trees for a school project but Melissa’s absent mother upsets her during the project. The picture for the headline is Lynch in his cat costume. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Other than all thirteen episodes of the season, the DVD included several bonus features, including interviews with the cast and crew, animaticsan animation gallery, commentary tracks, and a bonus soundtrack CD. Meanwhile Coach McGuirk gets laser eye surgery to correct his vision, and becomes an occasionally blind possible prophet.

McGuirk feels left out by the regular pizza club meetings that Brendon has with his dad. Coach McGuirk has trouble returning swords he bought from a home shopping channel after it bankrupts him. On the other hand, parts of it were good.

Meanwhile, Brendon decides to make an educational film for kids. It wasn’t a bad idea, but it was just plain poorly thought out.

McGuirk’s part sucked, the breast jokes disgusting. Simon voice Sam Seder Factory soundtracks Home Movies TV series soundtracks. Lynch plan a trip to Cancun, while Paula is the victim of budget cuts at her school. To make matters worse, Coach McGuirk volunteers to “renovate” the kitchen. Brendon gets caught making fun of another kid at school and hoe a result, Mr.

Overall, it’s really homd considering that the last two weeks especially last week was hysterical. Search for ” The Heart Smashers ” on Amazon. On the way to a fast food place after the explosion destroys the grill and leaves them with burnt clothing, Brendon films out of the car window and accidentally drops his camera onto the road, the former then being run over by another car. When has he over shown a predisposition for body-building or any kind of physical activity, he doesn’t even run at soccer practice.


McGuirk remembers his days as a Scottish Highland Dancer. Meanwhile, McGuirk wants desperately to become a lifeguard.

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Season 4 Brendon begins writing reviews for a movie website called movie-winner-or-weiner. Two characters horribly out of character does not good Home Movies comedy make. Tensions soon arise between the fair and the sci-fi convention next door.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. McGuirk tags along with Erik to a journal class, which is just a front for Erik to meet up with his new girlfriend in secret, a fact that Melissa has discovered.

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Paula and Brendon had the most interesting lines but nothing really got going anywhere because of the weak subject material and limited character interaction.

Brendon, Jason, and Melissa discover their first film they ever made is unfinished and each decide to film an ending, presenting them to a peer focus group made up of Walter, Perry, Fenton, and Junior. Brendon decides to take Erik’s journal and show it to Melissa, and the father and daughter reconcile. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Brendon directs the school musical which is set in the s called “Bye Bye Greasy”. Coach McGuirk attempts to build a grill in Paula’s backyard for several days, but is mostly unsuccessful.