Although 30 years old, Kisa has never known love and feels he has no chance with the younger and dazzling Yukina. The ex-lover finds out about Kisa’s feelings for Yukina and threatens to expose him but was defeated by Yukina, who appeared suddenly and claimed himself to be Kisa’s boyfriend. I also thought it was cute when Yukina said he was embarrassed as Kisa was unbuttoning him. Takano wants Onodera to admit his feelings, but before he can, Takano gets sick. Perturbed by the fact that this bothered him, he begins avoiding Takano even more, prompting Takano to confront him about the situation before it begins affecting their capacity to work together. Kisa finally snaps and yells at Yukina to actually worry about it, to actually be mad about such a thing, even going so far as to call him an idiot.

On awakening, Hatori tells him he was rushed to the hospital and has slept for two days. Ritsu Onodera meets and immediately falls for upperclassman Masamune Saga. As the entire editing staff stands on the end of their nerves, Onodera barely makes the deadline with the finished manuscript. Kisa tries to avoid everything, but because of Yukina’s continued persistence, Kisa snaps and tells him to go and see his girlfriend instead. I simply adore Kisa and Yukina! Yoshino asks Hatori about his ex-girlfriend, and Hatori says that she is working at the printers and there is nothing between them. So, I present you with my review of Episode 9:

Just as Kisa is leaving the store, he runs into a persistent ex-lover. After all, any normal person would have complained about his lack of time for them, he thinks. Yukina being his ideal, it did feel like a dream when they got together and all in all, he knows that this change, this “being in a relationship” thing, is good for him. October 8, [31]. To be in love this strongly Although Onodera didn’t declare his love towards Takano, they kissed in front the door and Takano stayed for the night with Onodera, not going to Yokozawa’s house.

After Takano and another staff member have a heated argument in the Emerald office about an underprinted publication, Onodera sees the two of them later having a seemingly friendly conversation in the lobby, stirring a sense of jealousy within him. The series shows how Takano slowly achieves this goal, and the obstacles the two face. The tension that built up as Kisa followed Yukina and the girl, all the way to when he discovers that they walked into the love hotel district, is just well done.

In the end, she wanted to have someone waiting for her, even if she had nothing else left, and she says her husband can take care of her better than any hit work will.


The fact is, it wasn’t really the fact that Yukina was meeting up with a girl; he was most bothered by how natural they looked together. An reiterates her love for him but Onodera tells her he can’t love her the way she wants him to.

In ‘s January issue of Asuka Ciel magazine, it was confirmed that an anime adaptation film of this story is currently in development. As Yanase prepares to tell Yoshino who his secret love is, Hatori calls, ostensibly to talk His voice actor has to have some credit here XD Both of these men are amazing for their efforts this episode and I love them both for it. This, of course, delays Kisa so much that, even though he had intentions of running to see Yukina even for just a few moments, Yukina’s shift as work is about to begin, so Kisa is told not to worry; they can always plan another time.

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A chance finally presents itself when Kisa gets an hour of his work time free to have dinner with Yukina. Yokozawa continues threatening Onodera in the apartment hallway. Add Image S2, Ep1. It’s difficult making it to thirty years old and not hhatsukoi any idea how to properly love someone and have a relationship, considering also that majority of the people around him around his age are already getting married and starting families.

Yukina’s voice hatxukoi lovesandletters. In the end, Kisa goes to Yukina’s place of work, worried and feeling terribly insecure. Yukina then loosens his hold slightly on Kisa, taking him by surprise. Later, Takano and Onodera take shelter from a rainstorm.

Yanase appears of his own accord and helps finish the project but Yoshino collapses from overwork. Power of God and Anime.

Kisa finally resolves to make time for Yukina no matter what after he hears about the marriage of elisodes friend of his when a major project was given to him from Takano. Hatori walks in on the scene and misunderstands. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Hetalia: Onodera reflects upon how he imagined Christmas uatsukoi be when he and Takano were together 10 years ago. XD And speaking of the female population, is it just me, or was that area filled with nothing but girls?

They make up temporarily in the morning after Yoshino sleeps over, but gets into a dispute again when Yoshino reveals that he is going to a hot spring with Yuu. Sumi encourages Skai to get back into literature. Yoshino calls Hatori to his house as hstsukoi wanted to clear up the misunderstandings.


This forces Chiaki to admit his own budding feelings. First of all, I’m sorry for being late with this review for Episode 9: And speaking of drifting, who else thought this part of the manga was well-adapted in the animation? I guess the actor may have had an off day; it sounded ever so slightly different. Retrieved 1 October Retrieved May 4, Yoshino makes a remark how Hatori and Chinatsu Yoshino’s sister would make a nice couple, which makes Yoshino jealous.

Archived from the original on June 10, Hee XD The implied sex, is, well, implied. At least they’ve made up, and I kjsa wait to see what else is in store for both of them.

In the bar, Onodera runs into Takano who is accompanied by a woman; Takano likewise sees Onodera with his female friend and both of them become jealous. In the end Ritsu wakes up at work, now 25 years old and dreaming about icyi flame from his past who jaded his view on love, and is antagonized by his boss Masamune Takano for falling asleep during a busy time of the publishing cycle.

I feel like I’ve fallen in love even more with their pairing, and combined with the Yukina Kou no Baai that came out in the manga, knowing Yukina’s strong feelings just makes it even more emotional for me.

Hatori arrives and tries to violently hit Yuu, but Yoshino intervenes. That night he brings medicine for Takano but Yokozawa answers the door and the two get into But what surprises Kisa even more is Yukina suddenly spilling what seems to be his entire resume; his name, age, hometown, major and university, birthday, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses But the overall feel is the uykina, so I have no doubt that the actor is still the same.

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Kisa agrees, adding that he wants to stay the night, even though he barely remembers the man. This time Yoshino asks Yuu to eekai Hatori accompany them as well, but Yuu objects.

July 1, [28]. Chiaki smells perfume on Hatori; feeling that the writer at the party may have gotten too close him, he becomes angry.