In fact, some of the primers completely failed to seat into the pocket and actually fell out into my hand. Great scopes, great price, funny name. There are two different ways to measure barrel length. The cool crisp air invigorates me and makes me feel alive. Calibrator,Nice looking rig you have there. The AccuTrigger offers a relatively short lock time of 1. Cave Creek, Az Posts:

Since these are no longer made, I would look into Savage Model 10T Cabelas exclusive 24 inch bull barrel accustock and accutrigger. Occasionally, I am sidetracked by the beauty of nature. A good portion of them are being shipped with incorrect barrels. In fact, some of the primers completely failed to seat into the pocket and actually fell out into my hand. I have plans on adding a Bushnell Elite 8x32x40 scope to it. Thanks for the information… and nice shooting Reply.

Removal of the stock is necessary where rotation of an adjustment spring is required.

The AccuTrigger has a single adjustment location and is designed so it cannot be adjusted below the minimum setting. I have been reading up on this rifle for the past 6 months or and I like what I have read.

I really love the accuracy of the weapon. Las Vegas, NV Posts: Was owned by the shop owner. It was purely to save money on their part. Rifle is like new and cannot wait to have some fun with it. Serids will have to check the barrel, I believe they are chambered in.


Savage 10FP – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Bench rest target shooting is just a hobby for me; if I had the means or if someone else was paying for it, this would be my first choice. The gun store owner put it up for sale.

I agree with a fixed magnafication scope if you are using it for strictly target shooting,but when used for hunting purposes,a variable magnafication scope suits most shooters needs better. This is accomplished utilizing the Savage supplied tool. Yes she gets more action than a hooker on Broad St. I would appreciate any feedback I own a Remington The gun store owner said it had belonged to his friend, who had 1f0p away before getting a chance to shoot it.

An exclusive design by: Besides that, I have hooked up with a small group of dedicated target 3088 who really know their stuff and have provided me with some valuable advice over the years.

It should come as no surprise that the 10FP really shines when loaded with competition bullets. Fall also represents another mark on sefies calendar, hunting season! The bears scramble for their last bits of sustenance before hibernation and the deer are in the rut. I turned my rifle over, shook it a few times, and the primers dropped to the table.


This is when grilling ends and chilling begins. I assume all of the FPs came with an adjustable trigger? This adjustment feature is yet another example of the built-in customization design of this rifle.

Savage 10FP

This rifle is chambered in. If you are looking for a highly accurate out-of-the-box rifle, you should seriously consider the Savage 10FP.

Your email address will not be published. Reply Nice, keep us posted on your load development Reply. Reply The main issue right now is with the 6.

It is not relevant for a new rifle purchase, but people still like to read them. I’m not sure that the Bushy will make the cut.

Savage Model 10FP LEF Tactical Rifle

Sniper esriesBolt-action rifle. Get a scope mount base with a 20 MOA angle so that you are using all the elevation in your scope.

Occasionally, I am sidetracked by the beauty of nature.