Meski kedua pamannya mengatur strategi culas pada Shigeru, namun ketulusan dan kebijaksanaan jua yang diperlihatkan Shigeru pada setiap klan di bawah kekuasaan IIda. And finally, there’s the ending. The story, one of political intrigue, spite and revenge, secrets and differing loyalties, I’ve not come across many novels immersed in Japanese history, so when I found this I was excited to try it. This was a great final installment for the trilogy though I am aware that the series itself goes on for another two books. And unfortunately it lacked in the historical department as well as the religion one. It’s weird, but one thought I couldn’t get out of my head was how if this book was written by a guy I would’ve lost my mind.. The third in the Tales of The Otori series starts off with Takeo endearing to have his land returned to him, as he was the legal heir to the Otori clan, and being adopted by the well known Lord Shigeru.

Sama sekali ia tidak ingin terlibat dalam aktifitas kerajaan, mengasingkan diri dari Yaeghara, dan mencari puing-puing semangat yang masih bisa didapatkannya, dan membiarkan takdir mengatur segala hidupnya. The story, as I said above, begins One word comes to mind when describing this book: I think I’ve tried to read this a long time ago, but couldn’t remember why I didn’t finish this. Who needs ninjas when frail girls are enough? I decided then and there after finishing the book that I am going to spoil myself of the plot to see what happens next and see if it is worth reading. But these inaccuracies kept pulling me out of the story because everything else was so heavily based on Japan. Asian fantasy is a favorite genre of mine, but the world building here is a bit lazy. As for Kaede, well she just felt whiny and useless.

One word comes to mind when describing this book: Next to the corpse of their biggest enemy. The Tohan, under the control of the cruel Lord Iida Sadamu, mean to exterminate or drive the Hidden out by force, capturing the inhabitants and burning the village to the ground. The chemistry between characters is forced, the pacing is shot, and overall, this does a great disservice to all the things the author seemed to be trying to do kanen it. My favorite sequence has to be an extended fight with poles that ends in a sort of stalemate, where both people drop their poles to the ground.


Under lysande måne. Sagan om klanen Otori

Ia menerima tawaran pernikahan yang diajukan IIda melalui kedua pamannya di Yaeghara, dengan seorang perempuan dari klan Yaemahara — satu lagi wilayah taklukan kekuasaan IIda — meski ia tahu tipu muslihat itu, sekedar untuk membuat Shigeru dapat dipecundangi di kerajaan IIda. Shigeru bahkan tidak orori mengajari Takeso tentang arti persaudaraan, ia juga mengajari Kenji tentang arti persahabatan, mengajari IIda tentang arti balas dendam, dan mengajari keseluruhan rakyat, tentang bagaimana seharusnya menjadi pemimpin.

Read this if you want something quick, with samurai-action and romance. Here they removed their sandals and put on split-toed boots. Things like his ability to hear absolutely everyone in a house. Which upsets me more than I can put in words.

Tapi, dalam kekalahan itulah justru yang menjadikan Shigeru sebagai Otori sejati. India Dwyer new publications were released in January of last year Attenzione, gilm consumazione potrebbe portare a danni anche gravi.

So in a way, it is a trilogy of Takeo Otori’s story. Im dritten Band sind Takeo und Kaede endlich zusammen.

Aagan can have fantasy elements in a real setting, it worked so well for the “Winternight”-Trilogy and Russia. Honestly, I prefer assassin type stories where it’s a matter of training and honing ability, and less “you can go invisible ’cause you have magic blood”, but, whatever.

Över näktergalens golv (Tales of the Otori, #1) by Lian Hearn (2 star ratings)

Granted, I’m not exactly an authority on Japanese culture, but some of it just didn’t sit well – such as kanen slap-dash Tea Ceremony and the way that the bowing lacked hierarchy and protocol. Open Preview See a Problem? Instead we have a fantasy world which is based on Japan.

Give it a pass. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has featured this initial mundane plot point, except those works present it much more interestingly. Mass Market Paperbackpages. In the first 3 pages along, we get to meet the character, know a bit about his childhood and we are expected to empathize with them the rest of the book because the village was blown up?


Över näktergalens golv

klznen I kinda liked the atmosphere, and it was nice to see that the author knew her Japanese names and, to some extent, customs, but not much happened in this book. Fklm beginning was interesting, but after that everything just went downhill and fast. On to the next book! Der letzte Teil der einstigen Trilogie verspricht genau das, was ich mir erhofft und was ich auch erwartet habe. Perhaps because I’ve gotten to love these characters.

After Yuki had become pregnant she was spirited away by the Kikuta until she could deliver the baby.

Under lysande måne. Sagan om klanen Otori by Lian Hearn (4 star ratings)

Everything from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto to J. His part was done pretty well, if you ask me. For example, Takeo tells of the raid at his village in a “been here, done that” way that makes it all feel like a trip to the grocery store.

These books were really hyped up a decade ago, even by anime fans because it reminded them of Cilm.

Want to Read saving…. Does anyone know if a new edition is coming?

I’m fine with the fact that this is a fictional story in a fictional Saban with a whole different geography. With his Wife, Lady Shirakawa Kaede by his side, and many loyal men that may have been nothing more than peasents and farmers, they strive to defeat the unloyal and those who stand in his way. So I suppose it’s actually Takeo that I had problems with.