It was a ridiculous story with bad direction. There are very few last episodes which manage to leave a very profound impact on you but this one completely fit the bill. I am so glad that they decided to give us. Even with a lot of loopholes, thie serial was enjoyable overall. The way Shano conveyed her feelings about what transpired between Khalil and Humaira was exactly what many of us wanted to see and hear. Adnan was slightly better in this episode. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Sure, as compared to JH, things are moving along at breakneck speed, par ab aisa bhi kya??

This scene was the best in the entire episode for many reasons. Not a real med ailment. I have always seen the actress playing the role of Inayat play negative and very typical roles but she shines in a completely different role in this drama. Last week I thought I might have misheard it. Rasheeda says yes to the proposal and arranges for their nikkah marriage , that same day. Retrieved 13 October

The pace picked up appreciably and things seemed to moving quite smoothly. Drama is Great and ur reviews as well!

But Sadqat is very angry with Rasheeda and pushes her away. It was a ridiculous story with bad direction. He is portrayed as having a tough and pampered personality. I agree with you totally ke that would be the way rumhare watch this one, it would make for not only interesting viewing but also add that much more spice to our discussions, because it will be like two completely diff scenarios — fun!

She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail. Later on, Khalil and Shano end up making plans to get married with the help of Dr. For Khelu, on the other hand, the past is colorful, larger than life. Khalil takes Swdqay at their maternal grandmother’s place where their maternal uncle also helps them but when they’re about to get married the police along with Shano’s father Amin reaches there and stops the marriage.


Shano knew all along that there was nothing right about what had happened and I would give Mahira Khan full marks for conveying just that from her expressions in the episode in which Khalil told her what Humaira had done! Unless change the lifestyle. Sania Shamshad as Humaira Batool- Shanno’s best friend and classmate. It is her connection with the viewers that gave the heartbreaking ending so much emotional power despite her very limited appearance in the last episode. Perhaps I am cynical but Pakistani dramas do not often allow judgment of male characters whereas the actions of women are always thoroughly and critically evaluated.

Sahir Ali Bagga Sohail Haider. There are very few last episodes which manage to leave a very profound impact on you but this one completely fit the bill. RJ i watched PA and loved it to startoff with but my oh my what a drag it became later on!!! Shano locked all her emotions for Khalil in a episodf and threw they key away.

Humaira only wants to tumhhare Shanno’s happiness and she tries to help Shanno and Khalil. Two days before Khalil’s parents are supposed to come, Khalil comes to visit Shano. She did revieww beautifully in Humsafar and here too you can see the attention to detail.

It really makes TV watching more meaningful, lol. Star casts and great production values tmuhare used to entice the swdqay and issues related. Shano is angry and tells Khalil the real reason they can never get married.

I really hope iska charm rahy itne arsaaaay…. Only because he resides in Lahore and is a shehri larka where as they are from a village. Not only the bad memories. Zahra Mirza January 2, Was the world holding it against him? Looking fwd to reading your take on that one! I was expecting the story to take sadqwy totally different turn therefore I was pleasantly surprised to see that neither Shano nor Khalil was.


It is seen that he is interested in marrying Shano from the very beginning.

Sadqay Tumhare Last Episode 27 in High Quality 10th April 2015

The way he asked dumbly from rasho k kaun milne gayi. Shanno realises her mother will never agree to the match and sends Khalil away, never to see him again. Views Read Edit View history. I didn’t like the drama. The scripts of majority of the dramas reflected a lack of creativity. Samiya Mumtaz, Rasho, has not had much to say so far, but I am mesmerized by her performance to date. KHAN I agree, this serial could have fared a lot better if the rendering had been in line with the culture being shown.

She is very abusive, and only engaged Shano and Khalil for revenge. Perhaps these characters r from a different era and a different generation? I must give full marks to Shamil Khan for bringing out the best in his character.

Sadqay Tumhare: Can a victim of abuse ever shed her past? – Pakistan –

From the first scene of this episode to the last one with Rasheeda in it we saw a very desperate Rasheeda trying everything in her power and more to. Confrontation scene with Mk was superb and the we have Rehaan Sheikh.

The rural landscape, the location of this serial actually, is what attracts me much.

You caught it too! Peisode But that 90 percent of the people who watched the last episode became sentimental in the end. The last episode is unforgettable.

His mother’s ex-husband was immoral person and seduced young Rasheeda. Soo great to see her in much needed different role.