Thumbs Up …Running Man Ep Cast members are voted off of teams, chosen if their team loses a challenge. Bora was pulling their hair like wow lmao. Actors of the Month About. In general the challenges were funny, the guests lively, and the cast showed their best. A unique and funny concept, the guests were so-so and the pacing was okay. I liked the interaction between the idols and the cast more than the actual games themselves. Best editing to date.

Hoya might have taunted RM in the first game but RM did the same later on as well so it cancels out. I liked this episode better than the first portion of the camping special. The challenges boxing, buy the snack race, and name tag ripping were fun, the guests were fun as well. Are you asking to get beaten up by the runners?? Ji Hyo hosts the testosterone fueled event. It first aired on July 11, Not to be missed — big nose hyung.

Highlights include the unlucky trio of HaHa, Gwang Soo, and Suk Jin having to decide which one of them is the Candy Girl and which one plays the boyfriend and the subsequent love match facing off in the challenges. Knowing Bros Ep I disagree with some kan the comments here I guess that this is a case of “agree to disagree”I did find this episode quite funny and interesting.

Gary supports Ji Hyo rrunning she descends slippery stairs- Haha feels like a third wheel. What happens when you gather together the least popular or known members of idol groups for a golden bar race?

Fresh domestic page instead of throw: Pacing was a bit odd during this three episode challenge. LOL, way to date yourselves, you guys. I am a fan of this episode — from the opening monologue letting the guests know that no one knows who in the heck they are to the cast and guest interactions during the challenges Ryeowook was a particular favorite this is probably my favorite episode of thus far. And it must have been a little awkward for him being around so many idol that do the same thing, sing and dance.

Not the best episode ever created but any time an art museum is involved I think variety shows an get a little dicey. I guess I liked it because it felt genuine. Can they figure out who is a criminal and who is a crime stopper?


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Willing to meet any request thrown at them, the RM cast even dunks Jong-kook into the water again on demand. Gary and Ha-ha realizing they may be each others first love still has me laughing.

I really enjoy these final missions that test their luck — even though Running Man Team chose the big water jug, they lucked out because Idol Team chose the ball. Another solve the riddle like challenge. After watching this episode I wondered if the images I had just watched are the same type of thing that happens when you take a hallucinogen. I also loved that KJK was on the idol team.

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What happens when everyone has one goal — and that is to make Eramabeans Nose Hyung win? For the idols like Minho and Chansung they have been on RM several times so I guess they already knew how to deal with RM cast and the games.

Min Ho and Bora they didn’t bother me too much, they were trying but some of their runming were a bit much. Then Jin-young shamelessly takes his basket of loaches away. Highly recommend this one. The cast call on their best friends or close friends any way to take part in a race towards gold.

Objectively this is not the episode to show a newbie. See what happens when the seven cast members are locked in a room together until they can figure out how to vote the same way. The Ultimate Thief Guest Starring: The commute scenes were great and the end moment was pretty dang good too. Since the grab-by-the-collar PD is gone and a new one has enrolled, I have found subtile changes in the format of Running Man, and IMO, for the better.

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Also, im fairly certain that minho didn’t realize that he had hit KJK based on runninng their reactions. Great chemistry among the cast as they face off against younger and stronger competition.

This episode pairs off all the idols with a RM member. Find the Lost Treasure Part 2.

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This episode was boring and I really skipped through alot of the missions. Not perfect but definitely entertaining. I’m runnung a fan of Minho, Chansung, and Minhyuk so maybe it’s because I’m a little biased, but I’m pretty sure none of the idols did anything bad other than be cocky at times. The water seeking aliens plot was a little out there but not so out there it was terrible. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Tall Kwang-soo gets compared dramabeana former basketball star Han Ki-bum who stands at cm.


Also the episode where we learn that Gary feels no pain unless Ji Hyo rejects him that is. A unique and funny concept, the guests were so-so and the pacing was okay. Big Bang returns for a challenge that has them pitted against the Running Man members minus Kim Jong Kook, who is on their team to see who can bet back to the past first. The challenges were fun water monkey bars, trailer dance escape party, name tag targeting.

All member Sistar, Shownu bisa download di drakorindo. I mean, it was funny, but I think they need to hang this concept up. Woo Sung is intense. I runnint this episode because the first part was runhing.

I belong to the later category.

Download Running man with sistar mp3, Running man ep sistar: No, I’ve seen Minzy – and while Minzy is probably pretty athletic based on her dancing ability, Bora is regarded at least for now for epiisode the best female idol athlete. The return of bells hide and seek! Kudos to the entire cast, this episode made me respect the nine people that actually faced the height filled challenges.

His farewell, full of heartfelt words, is a tearjerker. This episode wastes a lot of time with pointless challenges. The results are hilarious, making this episode jump up my list draamabeans best episodes of the year. Suk-jin and Sunggyu show off their strengths before the mat-hyung makes the first move.