The sport model is no big wristband-like watch. About The Author Briley Kenney Briley Kenney is a young tech enthusiast who enjoys all things electronic and gadget related. What do you think of the device? Backing any project on a crowd funded site is a risk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As the names imply, the bracelet model is designed to be worn as jewelry while the sport model is meant to be worn by athletic types.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please enter your name here. That feature alone is rare these days, as a lot of smartwatch manufacturers ignore style just to cram in more functionality. Please enter your comment! I view a lot of crowd funded projects, and have backed a couple of watch projects myself, but every once in awhile a project just blows up on a crowd funding site, and that is what has happened to the Ritot Projection watch on Indiegog0. I actually have it in hands and it do exust and work. The size of the display no longer is a driving force behind the watch, either for the form and shape of the watch to accommodate a display, or in the limitations on what you can display due to the size of the screen.

WristWatchReview is the web’s oldest watch blog. There are more than a couple stories of backers receiving a product that was different than advertised.

They can not make it for the price they sold it for. Show me a working prototype. Someone willing to take a flier on the next big thing.

Ritot: The World’s First Projection Based Smartwatch

That said, some folks are willing to pay the extra money just to ensure they have riott desirable device. That may change now that this next watch has been funded through IndieGoGo; displays may no longer matter so much. It appears that IGG has knowingly allowed scams before and is doing it again. If not, the projection will disappear automatically after 10 seconds. The Sport watch case is made of plastic with rubber inserts for a comfortable wear on the arm, while its strap is made of rubber and features a convenient padlock.


No, I do not think this project will deliver an actual product.

February 1, Smartwatch and Tech Deals Weekly: Some of the alerts and notifications that can be wathc with the device include the following: The team is currently working on additional content for the third title. I read your comment about ritot watch.

The Ritot is a perfect example of the unique functionality that a wrist-worn device can offer. Of course, in order to really assess how this is going to work, ideally you would want a lot of details, and this is where the project falls short.

Ritot: The World’s First Projection Based Smartwatch –

And you can totally customize the alerts you get via the Ritot App, as well as change the projections colors there are more than 20 colors available. Do you hate the idea completely? Backing any project on a crowd funded site is a risk. We think the Ritot is pretty awesome, even if it does offer a minimal amount of features when compared to other smartwatches on the market.

February 22, Smartwatch and Tech Deals Weekly: What spoke to me the most about this watch: While we completely disagree with that logic, there is one thing we can all agree on. Please enter your comment!

I just wonder if it will ever make it past the point of being a concept. It has wqtch in some rather bulky, and super ugly devices that no one wants to wear on their wrist — watchh least not out in public. For so long the smartphone trend has been to increase the size of the display, pushing the envelope as much as possible. The best part, is that it is capable of doing all of this while still looking pretty damn awesome. The bracelet model is a unique design that will fit to any style.


The sport model is no big wristband-like watch. The Bracelet option features a leather insert on an aluminum bracelet and comes in black, white, all black, brown and gold or black and gold.

Ritot Watch Projects Alerts On Your Hand (video)

Kristie Bertucci Updated August 3, In other words, the Ritot will be a reality and not just a concept. Once the campaign ends — which is slated for August 21, — backers will be able to choose the model, color and size of their ordered device s.

This is a completely different approach than what we are seeing with Refiew Wear and competing devices. Learn how your comment data is processed. The band and shell are waterproof, and there are several designs which pander to all genders. Of course, the higher tiers are meant for resellers. Users can also customize notifications in the Ritot app that will be available for smartphones.