Maya and Ky battle in the finals, but none of them are on their best. The Organization, a group of evil Seekers, is after the book, and to survive they must join a group of good Seekers under master adventurer Dante and lone wolf Zhalia. Team Battacor and team Stax fight for a Kairu relic and try to save Nanuk’s village. After Maya obtains a Platinum Harrier, the Hiverax challenges them to test their new attack which splits Ky into two, one possessing the thinking ability but is too careful, the other possessing the courage but is reckless. Read to find out! When Team Stax returns, there seems to be no one there. After drinking water from a mountain spring, a bank security guard gains telekinetic superpowers, which he must use to save his estranged daughter from an evil construction company, as a superhero.

Lok and Sophie happen upon a journal left by Lok’s father. Not to mention, it’s the only thing she really understands right now. Now Maya will be tested for the limits she would go to protect her friends from the madman that was her grandfather. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whoever wins will receive the Cube, and may take a X-drive from any combatant. Aided by his friends Maya and And why does Maya feel like Master Boaddai may be hiding something from her? Just a series of one-shots surrounding some awkward, cute and moderately funny moments that happen in Team Stax’s daily life.

Dares through PM only.

New teams, old enemies, old friends, and the conqusr comes to take the future. K – English – Adventure – Chapters: They also find out that Team Hiverax works for Lokar.

The monster left in me by Organization 13 Axel reviews “Please find me soon Fire is an all consuming thing, raging a path of destruction on whatever it sees fit. Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.


Ky conqer the gang try to destroy the Cataclysm Stone before all of the Kairu energy in the universe is sucked in. You will see him more at the end of the series. Formerly known as The missing piece Rated: They beat the bad guys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Views Read Edit View history. Pages I edited for. When the Battacor steal the X-Scaper and head to Norway in an attempt to beat Team Stax to a Kairu relic, the team must go to extreme measures to get the ship back. During a meeting of the Redakai, Lokar plans to attack the Monastery in order to get rid of the Redakai Council. Meanwhile Team Stax meets Aldo in a village that is made in treetops.

Redakai- Conquer the Kairu Season 2 Episode 2 The Rise of Zane

When exiting the vault, Boomer saw them and redkai the team. But before he can finish, Ky and Ekayon show up. The only problem is, Zane now holds the key to their release. Team Stax, Team Radikor, Team Battacor, Team Imperiaz, and Ekayon enter a tournament to decide whether good or evil is truly better; Maya learns a shocking secret about her origins.

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Season 2 Episode 24 The Spreading of the Shadow

Team Stax meets three new warriors in training. They battle Team Hiverax for it.

Watch as I destroy ships then create some then destroy those too Team Stax unknowingly locate Lokar’s new lair. Rated for the language used.


Team Stax then find the Fist of Colossus which is filled with Kairu Energy and have to defeat the warriors to collect it before it’s too late. Ky Stax 32 episodes, Jasmine Richards Pages change and a new story is told but will it have a different ending the more you read on?

The three go off on their own and meet up Team Radikor. By mairu on the monastery, they saw Baoddai taking the newly collected Kairu to the vault at night and heads there after Baoddai left.

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Normally, he would have married the first born princess, Priscilla. With friends like Team Stax and enemies like the Imperiaz, high school can get pretty conquuer. When Team Stax returns, there seems to be no one there.

Not to mention, it’s the only thing she really understands right now.

Ky locates his dad’s X-Reader and tries to find it. Lokar’s shadow Kairu shows an image of Maya turning evil. Maya and Boomer will search for them, but a new tournament will start mairu Ky and Ekayonbecause Team Hiverax took the Kairu Cube.

Master Bodai 40 episodes, Rated T just in case! When old enemies arise how will they react?