What would a hunter go for in between the 2? The Experience fit me a little better and had a slightly better valley. But otherwise you really can’t go wrong. Done cancelled all our orders already, looks like the Southpaws from the shop will go for the Insanity and Motive instead. Dec 22, Posts: And as a poor man at the time the i spent on setting that up was alot for me to part with.

I am trying to make up my mind. You kinda gota decide for yourself Something like the Exile would also be a great bow for beginner on up. Done cancelled all our orders already, looks like the Southpaws from the shop will go for the Insanity and Motive instead. You may find you do not like either one. Discussion in ‘ Equipment Reviews ‘ started by julien , Dec 3, Might be a touch smoother than the insanity IMO but almost splitting hairs.

The last time i bought a bow I shot 18 different models from 7 makers. Agree there are alot of similarities. Originally Posted by Squrl.

I liked the draw on the DNA a little better but the Insanity had a better valley and deeper backwall. I would love both. Forums New posts Search forums. The 82nd is a very fast bow, didn’t it ibo near ?

Fastest bow??

Just a few questions Dram like to ask before going into the actual shop on my blwtech. Just stating my opinion. If you can’t shoot a fast bow accurately it only means you will miss your target faster. So it is even more imparative that you go down and shoot whats on hand and get an idea of what you like and what feels natural to you.


I am not saying buy a Mathews unless it picks you but know what you are getting before spending most of a grand.

A lot smoother and still has an IBO of However do not base your purchase off what anyone days, you really need to shoot them both to see what feels good to you. Some performed better in the speed department but none came close in the overall bow department. To gain the speed, most bow companies have to give up shoot ability.

Hands down the pse DNA I know is one of the fastestshooting around ! The Obsession Knightmare IBO up to dead in the hand, great valleyvery smooth to draw and no noise. Draw force curve feel of the draw in relation to the entire draw cycle and lack of vibe on the shot are my two key factors.

You dont need a doller compound set up to kill. A fast bow doesn’t do you any good if you can’t draw it because it’s cold and you’ve been sitting for hours or you can’t hit where you want to hit. What’s new New posts. Been reading for a few days on mathews reviews for the drenalin, the z7 both z7 and z7 extremethe Hoyt carbon element and PSE EVO 7. I also acknowledge that “feel” and “fun” factors are very subjective, so what I think is a winner someone else may think stinks.


Ask about the bow companies warranty work, sezson to get it fixed, string quality, etc. Your not gonna reach those IBO speeds with a 27 draw at 60 lbs. Bowhunting Gear Review Broadheads, arrows, rests, bows, and more I see the pain. MississippiDec 3, Add a Poll to this Thread.

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To admit the above will only add to the pain. You can get one at any dealer ask them the order it. Normally a higher brace height will be more forgiving. Please don’t just choose the one you have I want honest opinions about which is best. Discussion in ‘ Equipment Reviews ‘ started by julienDec 3, It’s in my opinion that they are smoother, quieter, and have inzanity less hand shock.

Send a private message to bronko Ive always shot a PSE and more then likely bwtech will. Bow tech is mighty nice and shoots great!

Your name or email address: Bowtech Insanity CPX, smooth draw, fast and forgiving! A lot of new bows aren’t as fast as the 82nd.