I want to see them closer!! So drama production should definitely focus more on that. My two cents and worth every penny is that I don’t think it’d ruin any enjoyment for them to just say what KY’s struggling with, what IH’s plan is, why JK is so cold and bitter Heh and giggle at the ridiculous idea that they have to actually work at the bazaar. You are right about this series. Blogger Theme by Lasantha. The frog he made for his uncle showed the underlying reason for that family’s dysfunction. Stephanie Park December 16, at

The ratings are already out? A rep commented, “YoonA really dug through a foul-smelling garbage, effectively portraying a hilarious situation Madam Na carefully tries to appeal to her husband again, only to be rebuffed yet again. It makes me feel good in a way I know will make it an all time favorite I will visit over and over again. I don’t know but I still find this pairing creepy Fanypenk December 16, at Da-jung asks if he knows if their real th day since their wedding is this Saturday. Kwon Yool sets up a celebration for his day anniversary with Da Jung.

BTS album art plagiarized photographer Faucon? MBC Empress Ki This drama looks promising so let’s just hope the script writer won’t mess up.

Reaction to Yoona’s Prime Minister & I + Rating for 1st epi

Loving the interactions between the OTP. Seems like more is going to be revealed next episode, so I can’t wait for what they’re ministeer to reveal. But the heirs JUST ended. She just dived right in and sacrificed to make things better for her new family.

ITZY Chaeryung’s mother responds to a hate comment about her looks. In the preview of episode 11,[spoiler deleted -gm] But this shouldn’t happen because as a professional she shouldn’t mix her personal feelings with work. Sports Seoul via Nate [ video ] 1. Yoon Si Yoon catches YoonA digging through trash in still cuts for ‘Prime Minister and I’ YoonA plays a paparazzi in the rom-com who loves her scooter so much that she’s ‘in a relationship’ with it.


Maybe I chuckled a little at the end of episode Xxvxx December 16, at Jun Ji Hyun’s husband retires from Bank of America. Not to mention that he brought his FOUR bodyguards with him! With that, Hye-joo takes her leave and Joon-ki chases her down to the hallway.

I was surprised by them not registering the marriage already. Fanypenk December 16, at Alfiah Okkiana December 16, at After been searching for a week googling the net 24hrs I’ve finally found it!

I like the part in the club wherein Kwon Yul grabbed the guy’s hand and announced that he’s the husband but then Da Jung did not swoon over it and even left.

His epiode were rough-and-tumble enough to make you think, ooh, he’s not a boy, he’s a man!

TV: [Spoilers!!!] Prime Minister and I ~ Netizen Buzz

Joon-ki’s discovery of it, PM’s discovery of it, heroine’s discovery of it and how betrayed she will feel when she discovers it. She asks mknister his offer about giving up on his revenge if she comes to his side is still good. He asks if she set this situation up on purpose, and Hye-joo counters that it was nothing compared to what he orchestrated at the hotel to ultimately k Yul. Yul tells his kids to hurry to bed and takes refuge in the bathroom, where he laughs at his wardrobe.


There was a long wait between Episodes 9 and 10 so I had a lot of time to contemplate about Yul and Da Jung’s relationship.

I liked the 2 first episodes though, I guess I should check this one out too. Can’t wait for monday.

I love a man in a crisp suit, but this makeover instantly makes him looks years younger. Also his staff may have something to do with the lack of news.

Watched aand 1 and 2 and I really liked it. If she would have turned bad, she would have done so episore earlier in their lives together. Absolutely do not like what I saw in the previews for the next ep. The reconciliation on their part was better and feels “normal” and natural.

Episode had more development in character and relationships. Please enter rpdrama username or email address. Definitely in love with this drama. Then Yul walks over to open the closet door, and the trio come spilling out.

I still have some issues with the way Da Jung gets treated, but I am pleasantly surprised by how I’m totally unsure of what direction the plot is trying to take. And as a very shallow counterpart to your thoughtful comment She does such jerky things This is such a refreshingly straightforward drama.